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I am a retired raider looking to potentially come out of retirement for the right guild/team. Began my raiding career back in Heroic 25m ICC, I raided religiously throughout ICC, all of Cataclysm, SoO, and into WoD including HM and BRF. I have exclusively played the tank role as a Protection Warrior, Protection Paladin, Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster Monk, and Guardian Druid through out SoO, HM, and BRF. Since then I have taken a long break from the raiding scene but am looking to return in the role I have mained since beginning WoW, back in mid BC, and that is a Protection Warrior. If necessary I am willing to reroll either Arms or Fury for the right guild/team if it is required or if there is no tanking position immediately available. I am just trying to see what is out there and am more then happy to join a team that is only progressing through Normal or Heroic mode, I am only here to have fun and make friends along the way!

Character Name: Coltraine

Server: Darkspear - US - Alliance (Willing to transfer!)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (Any Times)
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Only 7am-12pm PST These Days)

Btag: Coltraine#1705

Feel free to add me to Battle Tag if you would like to contact me directly!

Happy Raiding! 

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Not sure if you are still looking for a guild, but I sent you a request on anyways. c:

Here is a quick link to a post I created for my guild, but I would love to talk to you directly!


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