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[Emerald Dream][H] <Deaths Beckoning> (1/7M) Recruiting Exceptional Players

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Deaths Beckoning is a horde guild on Emerald Dream looking to strengthen our numbers for Mythic progression. We are an extremely active semi-hardcore raiding guild, who are all knowledgeable and helpful players. We are looking for intelligent players who have the same mindset of competitive progression. Anyone interested must go to our guild website (www.deathsbeckoning.enjin.com) and put in an application.



Blood Death Knight

Protection Paladin

Guardian Druid




Holy / Discipline Priest

Mistweaver Monk


Ranged DPS

Balance Druid

Beast Master / Marksmanship Hunter

Arcane / Fire / Frost Mage

Shadow Priest

Elemental Shaman


Melee DPS

Feral Druid

Survival Hunter

Windwalker Monk

Enhancement Shaman

Arms/Fury Warrior


We are always looking for exceptional players. Anyone who can utilize their class / spec to his/her fullest should always apply. Competition breeds excellence!


Our current raid schedule is Tuesday / Thursday 7pm-11pm server time. We are going to a three day raid schedule this coming up week and will keep everyone posted when the third day is selected.


Loot System

We run a loot council system that rewards knowledge and dedication. Our distribution decisions will be based on mulitple factors that will always have our continued success in mind.


Contact Information

Please contact any of our officers and/or GM anytime with any questions about our guild or the process of applying.


(GM) Mellowish - rekkaken#1464

(Officer) Felhelsingg - lazyco#1684

Edited by Mellowish

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