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WE WERE TO BIG!!! This is a new guild formed to do Heroics and push into Mythic content. Our team became to big so we have formed another group with our core members. Group is all 865+ and looking for solid member to fill out Raid team. 

Must be able to make raids consistently Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-11pm cst. Have AoTC, 860+ilvl or other such achievement to show skill level! Willing to use Curse Voice (because it's amazing-ish). Mythic+ dungeons will be run during non raid night a to help level alts that WILL BE CALLED ON to fill gaps in team comp. Flasks, pots and food will be provided upon acceptance into our main Raid team. We will be starting out clearing Heroic Raids till mechanics are sound and will progress to Mythic from there.  

Most in importantly, be willing to joke and have fun! Nobody wants to push hard content with a bunch of "dicks". We make up a great group of guys and girls. More casual friends or spouses will be accepted in once Main Raid team is set. Some come get your spot saved for those tier piece we will all want!  
Contact In game : Brozzy, Brewjo, Portdmorg
Or add McBreezy#1788 on bnet to find out more info. 

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