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[Player][A] 866 ilvl Rogue LF Weekend Raiding Guild

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Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read my post. Since Legion launch, i have been part of a Mythic team filled with great people, but because of RL scheduling, i cant make their weekday raid nights any longer. I am now searching for something that is friendlier to my current schedule. During the week i find it hard to find time to sit and play, but weekends i feel i have the most time on my hands. 

Im looking for something along the lines of Friday and Saturday Late night. Saturday afternoon works well for me too. Sundays will work also, but around 5-9PM (EST Zone)  Weekend Morning also will work greatly, Sat/Sun 7am - w/e

I have had plenty of experience in the past expansions, and was part of several core raiding groups.

Now that I am back into it, i was wondering if there are any guilds out there that need a solid DPS in there group. I know all my classes inside and out, and can quickly adapt to new roles given to me. I can quickly learn new fight mechanics, and usually takes only one attempt to fully understand a pull, unless we wipe in 10secs :). 

Here are some of my past experiences:

Started Serious raiding in WoTLK – Naxx 10man – Tank, Dps

VOA all bosses – Tank, Dps

Ulduar 10man – Tank, Dps

TOC 10 man – Tank, Dps

ICC 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer

New Core Raiding Guild in Cata - BWD 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer – some heroics

BOT 10/25 – Tank, Dps, Healer – some H

ToFW 10/25 – Dps

FL 10/25 – DPS – previous guild fell apart

DS 10/25 – Tank, DPS – Pugs, LFR

BH 10/25 – Tank, DPS, All bosses

No Guild in MOP mostly LFR - MV – DPS, Healer



TOT - DPS - recently came back after 5.2 

SOO Heroic - Dps

HM Heroic - Dps

BF Heroic - Dps

HFC - Heroic -- Took a half year break, like most of us

EN - Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 1/7 - Dps

Again I am LF an active guild who is needing a DPS on a weekly basis. I dont mind sitting out for a few pulls, cause i know everyone needs exp and gear. But please keep in mind if i have to realm transfer, i would prefer a spot with a weekly role.

I have 3 toons at max level now ( Rogue(main), Pally, and DH ), but i also have 9 toons at level 100 ready to go. If a group is needing a particular class or role filled, let me know and i might be able to help. But as of right now my Rogue is Mythic ready now. 

Thanks Again and cant wait to hear from you.

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