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[Magtheridon] [A] Penance 10/10[N] 10/10[HC] recruiting YOU!

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We are <Penance>

A progressive raiding guild with veteran WoW players from all around Europe.
We are a enthusiastic guild with fun, dedicated and eager to learn players. 
Because of this we managed to get into the top 100 guild rank list of the server in only 2 weeks.

Legion progress

Emerald Nightmare

Normal 7/7
Heroic 7/7
Mythic 0/7

Trial of Valor

Normal 3/3
Heroic 3/3
Mythic 0/3

The Nighthold

Normal 10/10
Heroic 10/10
Mythic 0/10

What can Penance do for you?

- An experienced leadership with a guildmaster who takes directing the guild as a serious task.  
- A guild you can be a part of. No waiting lists, no second team, fast access to a strong, bound core-team, serious but fun progression!
- Friendly, strong and enthusiastic players who share experience, tips & tricks and want to grow not only as an individual but as a team.
- A very fast growing guild.

What do we want from you?

- Be a positive player. Being full of yourself, being rude or insulting towards other players will not be tolerated.
- A high attendance. If you want to be a part of the core team we expect you to raid at least 2 out of 3 days per week.
- Be willing to invest in your character. Bring/buy consumables, enchants, gems, etc...
- Voice communication is a must! We use discord to communicate during raids.
- Study your class, mechanics and be willing to get the best out of your class.
- Social with a good sense of humor.
- HC ready geared is a plus!

Raiding times

21:00 - 00:00 server time (raid invites start at 20:30)
Third day is chosen on Thursday and is what fits the guild best (varies per week).

We're currently looking for...

Ranged DPS

Balanced Druid 

Melee DPS

Death Knight
Feral Druid





DPS with a solid tank offspec.

Last words & Contact us

We do accept social players too. We have lots of fun together and laughter in between raid times. Not only hanging around on Discord but doing events like: transmog farm and mount farms too.

If you think this is the guild for you, please feel free to leave a message below or contact us via battle tag: TheMrpanda#21360, @XIIIthDeity#2260 

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Penance killed: Grand Magistrix Elisande on heroic mode and is now 9/10HC. With Gul'dan on 30% HP left! Still looking for dedicated DPS
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Still looking for more DPS to fill the core raiding team. Also finally got the Helya HC kill to complete that section. We manage to get Gul'dan to 8%, with the setup we currently have. We need more range DPS for a better setup! Contact me in-game or leave a message here!

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