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[Black DragonFlight][H] <LT> 3/7M, 2 Day Guild, LF RDPS

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Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9:00PM-1:00AM EST 
Thursday: 9:00PM-1:00AM EST
Monday: 9:00PM - 1:00AM EST (Optional Alt Runs)

Loot System: Loot Council

Emerald Nightmare
7/7 Normal
7/7 Heroic 
3/7 Mythic

<LT> is a 2 day raiding guild on Black DragonFlight-US. Several of the core raiders have Top 50 US experience dating back all the way to Wrath and after reforming we are seeking to become one of the top guilds on Black DragonFlight with only a 2 day schedule.

What we are looking for:
We have recently had some attendance issues which has caused our progress to slow.  That being said, we are looking for a few exceptional DPS(Range Preferred) for full time slots.  Please note that these core slots are earned and not given.  We would prefer our recruits to have some type of raiding experience in a top 100 US guild, however its not mandatory. If you are interested in potentially joining <LT> please have some recent logs on hand for review.

What we expect of you:

* Properly geared (gems and enchants)

* 100% attendance during trial runs (~95% if passed trial)
Emergencies/vacations happen, but you must let officers know ahead of time.

* Look up fights BEFORE raid
This is especially true if you have not downed/seen the fight ON THAT DIFFICULTY
* Extensive knowledge of your class and spec
A willingness and ability to play multiple dps specs depending on fights (especially for mages, rogues, warlocks, dk).

* Minimize Damage Taken
Watch boss timers and be ready to react to abilities instead of waiting for abilities to occur and responding according. Someone taking extensive damage/dying will not last long in our trials. Someone that is PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE can minimize damage taken and thus increase your ability to survive.

* Ability to follow directions
If you are told to stack, be sure to be stacked ASAP. Interrupts NEED to happen. Death Grips/Smoke Bombs/Hand of Sacrifices SHOULD come out. Stun WHEN WE CALL. We do check abilities cast and we know if you didn't do what we ask.

What you should expect of us:

* Flasks provided for Progression

* Efficient raiding
We raid only 8 hours yet are as far progressed as guilds that raid 10 or more. We manage this by 1) minimizing downtime during loot distribution and 2)...

* Proactive research into optimal strategy
We labor over multiple VODS (POV kills, streams, theory-crafting, etc.) to select the best strategy for our raid. We are self-critical and will refine strategies based on our composition.

* Social raiding guild
Many of us still raid due to friendships forged over years of raiding. We encourage people to participate in our social circle.

* Laid-back atmosphere
While taking raiding seriously, we do not get angry or yell at people. We don't focus on the negative and instead state what needs to be worked on or improved. If you consistently under perform for a specific boss (constant lag spikes, lack of understanding) you will be sat so you can relax and recollect yourself. Sometimes a few minutes away does wonders for performance

If your interested or have any questions, please contact me through here or add me on btag: rors#1117.

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