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[Thrall][H] <Coalescence> 5/7H LF 2 R-DPS & Healer for Heroic and Mythic Progression!

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<Coalescence> [Thrall – Horde]

Currently: 5/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare (Raid Leader 7/7H), Mythic EN Progression begins after we complete 7/7 H EN

Who We Are We are a friendly casual guild with a family feel that does it's best to try and help each other out. Our aim for Legion is to level up together, do Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons, achievement runs, occasional PvP, and of course… Raid!

Raiding Goals We don't take things to seriously and scream at each other, but still expect everyone to accountable and know their job. Our aim is to clear heroic and then mythic raid difficulties at our own pace for Legion.

Our guild has a Core Raiding team that we’re maxing at 14 players, but generally we play with around 11-13. We also have an open raid night at a lower difficulty (Normal EN currently) for alts and other players who want to get some raid experience with no pressure for progression. Core Raiders are encouraged and included on open raid nights, but this is by no means a requirement.

Current Raiding Needs For Core Raid Team (Raid leader has 7/7 Heroic experience) Minimum 860 iLvl (not a hard requirement)

DPS: Recruiting 2 Ranged DPS, ideally a Hunter and Warlock (we don’t have either).

Healer/DPS Hybrid: Looking for 1 Ranged DPS that will be willing to off-spec Heal (such as a Shadow/Holy priest, or Ele/Resto Shaman) when needed. We will be flexible and help you get the gear you need for the role we ask you to play. This could turn into a full-time healing position, but we want the flexibility until we fully round out our Core Raid roster. If you currently play your Healing spec but think your off-spec ranged DPS will be competitive, we're interested!

Raid Days/Time Our Core raids 2 nights a week: Tuesday & Wednesday @ 10:00PM-12:00PM EST. We may occasionally see if there is an interest in a third night for progression if Core members can attend but this would either be a rare occurrence or voted on by Core members.

Our Open raid is 1 night a week: Thursday @ 10:00PM-12:00PM EST. This day sometimes changes depending on attendance.

Loot Rules We use the Suicide Kings (addon) with Loot Council oversight. With our relatively small Core Raid team, it works very well for distributing loot across all our players.

Guild Voice Comms We use Discord for our communication and social hub, as well as our raid information center. Use of voice comms for raiding is mandatory.

Core Raiding Expectations We understand that real life responsibilities have priority over WoW and the unexpected can come up. If you're unable to make a raid night, we'll understand! We don't expect 100% raid attendance, but a consistent effort to show up is expected.

Our expectation is that you are online and ready to zone in 15 minutes prior to raid time complete with flasks, pots, gems, enchants, food, etc. Several of our members do a great job of providing feasts and other raid items, but don’t expect handouts if you haven’t pre-coordinated with them.

We don’t mind explaining fights and will link videos prior to new encounters. Please do some research beforehand and ask questions if you have them!

Want to know more? We plan to try out people interested in joining in upcoming raids to ensure that you’re a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for you. For more info or to ask some questions don't hesitate to add either myself Sneakyfuzzy (Poohunter#1984) or Fluffeedari (Fluffeepuff#1703) , to find out more. Thanks for reading!

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