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Diwo Gaming Clan is currently recruiting 

We are a small but active gaming community that supports many games. Some of the games we support are WOW, Overwatch, Battlefield 1, CS:GO, HOTS, among others. 

We are looking for like minded gamers to join our ranks. We accept gamers from all walks of life from casual to hardcore. We run many game nights for each section. We also have several gaming servers and plan to get several more. We will eventually have gaming server for CS:GO, Battlefield 1, Farm Sim 17, and Rust. 

We also provide Vent as our VOIP. 

1. The requirements to join are fairly simple. 
2. 16 years of age or older.
3. Have a good attitude (non toxic). 
4. Anytime you are going to game with the clan you must be in our Ventrilo Server. 
5. remain active on the forums. 

To apply you only need to fill out an application at the below link. 


We look forward to gaming with you.

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We just set up a ton of game nights coming up, December will be a big month for Diwo we will have game nights for Overwatch, D3, Hots, WOW and ATS. We will also be adding CS:GO in there as well but an official date hasn't be picked for CS:GO just yet but all others have been put up on the calendar. To attend all you have to do is join at http://www.diwogamingclan.com/ and then click on the events you would like to attend.   

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