[Grim Batol][A] <Apprime> (7/7H) 2d/week - Focused, but fun community! Heals and DPS!

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Apprime is a group of players that raided together for a long time. Most of us are retired hardcore WoW players that have been around since the very beginning of WoW in 2004. We have seen it all, from Twins in AQ40 back in the days to Mythic raids in Hellfire!

Our top priority is sustaining a fun and friendly atmosphere and community, while upholding a serious and focused raiding mindset.

We like to socialize together, farm together, talk to each other on voicecoms (Mostly shitposting and talking shit, but we all mean it in a good way) and help eachother out. We are a mature group of players that act immature outside raiding, but knows when to get serious during raids and get the boss down.

Due to our IRL jobs and studies, we're only raiding 2 days a week from 7:30-10.30pm, so in essence we're a semi-hardcore guild with casual raiding days.

If you want to be a part of our fun and focused raid team, send me a private message, add me on battle.net (Steamyblizz#2958) or throw us an application on our website! Website: http://apprime.enjin.com/home

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