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<Eerie> is a Horde guild from the high population server of Argent Dawn (EU) searching for skilled and mature players for Trial of Valor, Emerald Nightmare and the upcoming Nighthold raid. We provide a friendly, social atmosphere filled with laughs and plenty of banter for good measure.

Current Progression

7/7 Heroic - Emerald Nightmare

2/3 Normal - Trial of Valor

What We’re Looking For

Healers – (Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Priest, Resto Druid)

Ranged DPS – (Hunter, Mage, Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest)

Exceptional players will always be considered providing you have logs to back this up.


We expect all players to be prepared to raid with the usual consumables; flasks and food for HC and also pots for Mythic bosses. In addition to this members should know their class and the boss fights we plan to do, and be able to attend the majority of raid nights.

Loot System

We use RC Loot Council to provide loot fairly and effectively to raiders, which is judged by an impartial Officer team.


Monday – 20:00 - 23:00

Wednesday – 20:00 - 23:00

Thursday – 20:00 - 23:00

Once content is on farm the raiding days will be reduced accordingly.

How Do I Apply?

If we sound like your kind of guild you can contact us through any of the following:

Maelvexeth: Schrecky#2449

Azaeras: Rich#2297

Tromlix: Vegeta#2511

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