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Guild Name: Insanitasty

Server: Zul’jin-Horde


Currently 7/7H EN, We have yet to attempt Mythic is we are still missing a few dps and a healer, we do however clear H EN in a few hours and are now working towards completing H TOV. We expect to make great progress into mythic as soon as we complete our roaster.

Current Class Needs: (Bear in mind we take a "performance plays" approach to filling raid positions and exceptional individuals will always be considered.)


Death Knight: Open

Demon Hunter: Open

Druid: Balanced

Hunter: Closed

Mage: Open

Monk: Closed

Paladin: Holy

Priest: Shadow, Disc

Rogue: Open

Shaman: Closed

Warlock: Open

Warrior: Closed


About Us:


Insanitasty is an old guild transferred from Smolderthorn that has always been axed on maintaining competitive raiding and pvp while having a friendly and fun environment. We exist since Cataclysm, and will continue to exist until the game ends.. We’ve been active in the pve branch of the game ever since, with between one and four raid group going at a time. We always approached the game with an open mind, and a laid-back spirit; game is meant for fun, should be taken as is. However, we manage to keep a competitive progression, pushing our raid group to Mythic on current content always. Our goal is and will always be Mythic progression.


Raid Schedule:

(Raid times are not subject to change, however, depending on the content and progress being made - raids may run slightly later than scheduled on occasion.)


Wednesday: 10:00 pm to 1:00am East time

Thursday: 10:00 pm to 1:00am East time

Sunday: 10:00 pm to 1:00am East time


Contact Information:


GM: ThugGod#1876

Co-GM: Danthalus#1934

DPS Leads: Mundane#11154


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