[Kazzak][H] Dispossesed Recruiting (4/7Mythic EN, 3/3 Tov HC)

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Dispossesed is a talented guild of mature players ranging in ages from 22-45. We're an English speaking guild and we use English on TS - please be comfortable communicating in English even if that only means listening and understanding what's being asked of you!

Dispossesed Raid 3 nights per week:

Wed - 20:00-23:00 Server time
Thur - 20:00-23:00 Server time
Sun - 20:00-23:00 Server time

We have a hard core group of 13-15 raiders who attend every raid and some very talented people who sadly just can't make the raid schedule work in their real life.

We're looking for up to 5 very solid skilled players, who know their class and willing to learn and adjust to defeat the toughest content available to be part of the Core Raiding team.

We will consider all exceptional players but are specifically looking for:
Disc Priest
Hunter Marksman Hunter
Paladin Retribution Paladin
Unholy Death Knight
Monk Windwalker Monk

If you're interested to see more about us please go to http://dispossesed.gamerlaunch.com

and if you like what you see please feel free to click the apply button and give us a whirl!

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