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[Zul'jin][H] <Systematic> 1/10M (7/7M) Recruiting DPS

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<Systematic> is recruiting for Nighthold and beyond!

History: Quick Version - The guild has been together since Vanilla WoW with much of the same leadership. We raided on Arygos for several years, nabbing quite a few server firsts, and top U.S. 100 kills before transferring to Zul'jin in MoP for recruitment purposes. During MoP, we were one of the top raiding guilds on Zul'jin. We were very casual in WoD, but are committing to serious raiding again in Legion. We are currently 1/10M NH, 9/10H. We finished the previous tier 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 3/3H Trial of Valor.

Even if you do not see your class listed, please apply! We will consider exceptional players regardless of class!

Hunter - HIGH priority
Warlock - HIGH priority
Moonkin - MEDIUM priority

Raid times: All times are EST
Tuesday (8:30-11:30pm)
Thursday (8:30-11:30pm)
Monday (9:00-11:00pm)

Personal Requirements
- Knowledge of your class, raiding, and the game in general 
- Ability to play at a high level, learn from your mistakes and improve yourself
- Come prepared for raids with knowledge of encounter, consumables etc
- Thick Skin / Not easily offended by anything
- 85% attendance
- Sense of humor
- 18yrs and up

- Loot Council, comprised of officers and raiders. Loot distributed based on performance, quality of upgrade, prior loot received and attendance. 

Feel free to contact us or apply at: http://systematic-zuljin.com

Margur: Margur#1731
Dinine: Dinine#1573
Nuclayer: Nuclayer#1758

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