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I was wondering, wouldnt it be nice to get into a bit more detail regarding boss achievements. Every boss that has a notable achievement does have a mention of it in the guide. yet Wouldn't it be nice to have a Glory-Achi section on its own. (or maybe a section for it at the description of each dungeon/raid)

I would be happy to help here since I love doing these kinds of things.

I understand that with the Proffesion guides in the making (assuming they are) and the constant comments on all the guides, it's a bit much to ask maybe. But I'm just putting it out there.

If people like I can make a tldr post with tactics and remarks on all the achi's needed for Glory of the Pandaria Hero (All HC Dungeon boss achievements) meta.

It will be on Dungeons/Raids forum tomorrow prolly.


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It would be cool to have a database similar to WoWhead for all of the achievement, but with additional information like:

- Nominating user comments to be the official How-to for completing the achievement

- Have moderators for the achievement section that can take user nominated guides and make them the official How-To's and add maps and screenshots for some of the more difficult achievements

- Estimate of how long the achievement should take to complete

- User ratings for how difficult the achievement is to complete

Edit for something I just thought of: The ability to import a player's armory and save a profile on the site so you can track achievements you haven't completed yet or are working on. Then you would basically have a site like warcraftpets.com but for achievements.

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Hello, I am going to to talk about some achievement needed for the meta achievement

Posted Image Glory of the Pandaria Hero

I'm gonna start at the beginning.

To get all achievements in this dungeon, you should not start with Wise Mari but rather with Lorewalker Stonestep. this because of the Posted ImageCleaning Up achievement wich is one of the more difficult ones.

For Lorewalker Stonestep. there are no achievement to be had, so you can do this boss without any change.

  • Posted ImageHydrophobia. This achievement is not very hard but it does require some attention. The objective is to not get hit by any of 3 abilities Wise Mari uses during the entire fight.
Avoiding these abilities will not be a very big problem as long as you pay attention
  • Posted Image Corrupted Waters is just the water from the fountain, when you come in contact with the water, you will immediately be damaged. in order to not get damaged you must therefore remain in the safezones around the boss. You are required to jump quite a bit so you do not get in contact with it.

  • Posted Image Hydrolance is an ability the boss uses, it splashes up a bunch of water in a certain are of the fountain. you can easily see this coming and should not even be near it (it has a slight range.) I found that avoiding this was the easiest.

  • Posted ImageWash Away is the watergun abilty the boss uses in Phase 2. This phase starst when the adds have been killed and the boss becomes attackable. The boss will spin around slowly while a large beam of water is in front of him. this beam damages and knockbacks any players that get hit by it.
In order to avoid everything may sound quite difficult, but I found it isnt. The boss will not really be hurting anyone while using Posted ImageWash Away and therefore you can go about it carefully. It will not be a big deal if you sacrifice some DPS to avoid his abilities.

When the boss dies you will get a debuff called Posted Image Purified Water. This debuff doesent really do anything but you do need it in order to get the next achievement.

  • Posted Image Cleaning Up. This achievement is considered to be one of the hardest achievement in the meta. In order to get it you must make sure Lorewalker Stonestep is down before you engage Wise Mari. The achievement requires you to kill the Sha of Doubt while under the effects of the Posted Image Purified Water debuff. You will get this debuff once Wise Mari dies. The debuff is only active for 5 minutes and this makes it hard. I will go over the tactics I used to get it.
When the boss is almost dead the entire party moves back to the entrance. (it takes a while for the back door to open and going back to the entrance gives you a couple of seconds extra)

As soon as the big doors to the courtyard open the tank should pull all the trash present there. all DPS should use cooldowns of 2mins or less (These cooldowns can be used again at the last boss, if you think you have more time you might pop cooldowns of 3mins aswell.) in order to clear the trash quickly.

When the trash is gone the third boss Liu Flameheart will spawn. Nuke her quickly and make sure noone dies by standing in her Posted Image Jade Fire ground effects too long.

When this boss dies, 3 adds called a Minion of Doubt will emerge from the doorway. We found it best to simply cc them and pull the Sha of Doubt so the doors close and they get locked out. If you do not have sufficient cc for this, you can pull them into the room with the boss. If you do this, do not try to take them down, keep focussing on the Sha of Doubt and have your healer keep in mind the tank will take more damage. If the adds are inside, also keep in mind that they will spawn purple voidzones under random players that deal alot of damage. adjust your position accordingly.

When the Sha of Doubt is engaged you should use all cooldowns to get him down as quickly as possible, if you've done it right the cooldowns you used on the adds in the courtyard will have been reset.

If you did not manage to get it using these tactics, try again with a party with better DPS total, or try and improve your own DPS in order to make it easier.

if your tank does 30K DPS and the DPSes do 60K each, this should be doable, but barely. it is smarter to get a bit more to be sure.

  • Posted Image Seeds of Doubt is the last achievement to be had in this dungeon. I advise you not to try and do this if you're going for Posted Image Cleaning Up since it will make it VERY difficult.
In order to get this achievement you need to be under the effects of 4 stacks of Posted Image Seed of Doubt. This debuff is obtained by clicking crystals in the corners of the room. These crystals can only be seen when the boss spawns the Figments of doubt. (The copies of you and your party that need to be kille in order to be able to attack the boss again.)

This is not very hard to perform, but keep in mind that you dont want to fight with this debuff on very long. It doubles damage you take (4 stacks * 25% = 100% increase).

My advise is to get the boss down to 10% or something, and then pop the crystals. this minimises the time you need to fight with the debuff somewhat.

When the phase with the figments of doubt is active, any one player can click the crystals and the whole party will get the debuff.

We did manage to get Posted Image Seeds of Doubt while going for Posted Image Cleaning Up. but this was actually a coincidence (the boss happened to be at 15% when he started another phase of figments) and we were all players with 500+ il (Except for me, the tank, I had 498).

This concludes the achievement guide for Temple of the Jade Serpent if you have any questions or remarks, feel free to reply. I will setup the other dungeons shortly. (I have been short on time, but I'm free the next couple of days)


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      Here is a quick and easy guide on how to complete the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Achievements. Please comment and notate if there are any additional information that can be added to each achievement and we will keep the guide updated as a community.

      Table of Contents:
      Instance (number of achievements in instance)
      Blackrock Caverns (4)
      Throne of the Tides (2)
      The Stonecore (1)
      Vortex Pinnacle (2)
      Lost City of Tol'vir (3)
      Halls of Origination (4)
      Grim Batol (2)
      Deadmines (6)
      Shadowfang Keep (3)
      -------------------Blackrock Caverns--------------------
      Boss: Rom'ogg Bonecrusher
      Achievement: Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
      Key notes:
      All 10 adds do not need to be killed at the same time. Quake spawns one Angered Earth elemental per person in the group. Strategy:
      DPS boss until he casts Quake. Once quake is cast have tank pick up the adds and continue dpsing the boss until he reaches 66%. Once the boss reaches 66% he will cast chains of woe. Break the chains of woe and stun the adds next to boss, at the end of the cast timer for chains of woe the boss will cast The Skullcracker. Repeat for 33%

      Boss: Corla, Herald of Twilight
      Achievement: Arrested Development
      Key notes: While Corla is within 40 yards of a evolved zealot she will give a 100% haste buff. You should only have one evolved zealot up at a time. Interrupts are key! Strategy:
      Before even pulling the boss you want to clear all trash around the boss and down the hallway towards the next boss. Any additional accidental aggro will wipe the group. Have your OT pull Corla down the hallway to ensure she is 40 yards away from the zealots. The OT can be a rogue, a plate DPS, or a hunter pet, Corla does not hit that hard, however (link fear ability) must be interrupted.
      While Corla is being pulled away the remaining DPS and tank should take the beams for two of the zealots and allow the third to evolve. As soon as the third zealot evolves he will cast Shadow strike, causing him to blink to the person highest on the aggro table and doing a ton of damage, this should be interrupted and any subsequent casts should be interrupted as well. Once the zealot dies allow a second to evolve, and then repeat for the third.
      Once all zealots have evolved and been killed proceed to kill Corla.

      Boss: Karsh Steelbender
      Achievement: Too Hot to Handle
      Key notes:Do not try to get all 15 stacks right away. Patience goes a long way. Strategy:
      The strategy is simple and you should likely get this achievement without really trying for it. Every time the boss gets ready to drop his debuff the tank should dunk the boss under the fire and refresh it. When doing so the boss should gain 1-2 stacks of the debuff. If the boss is close to death before he has reached the 15 stacks have the tank dunk him under the fire until he reaches the 15 stacks drag him back out and finish him off.

      Boss: Ascendant Lord Obsidius
      Achievement: Ascendant Descending
      Key notes: The adds attack the most recent threat, not the person with the highest threat. Only the person assigned to adds should touch them. A “kiter” is necessary. Frost DK, hunter, Mage, Pets take stacks from the debuff and will fail achievement. AMS does not stack the debuff and can be used if you get in melee range of the adds. Strategy:
      Start by having your kiter pull the adds and allow your tank to taunt the boss off of the kiter. The person who is kiting the adds cannot be near the adds and must keep them away from the group, the kite path they will follow must stay clear of the other players. The boss will cast xxx ability that snares movement if your kiter gets targeted he must be dispelled immediately.
      Every 33% health the boss and one of the adds will switch places the kiter and tank should pick up their respective adds immediately and continue the fight.
      Back to Top
      -------------------Throne of the Tides-------------------
      Boss: Lady Naz’jar
      Achievement: Old Faithful
      Key notes: Priest mind control works great on the add. Don’t mistake the tornadoes as the geyser. Strategy:
      Once Lady Naz’jar summons her adds you will want to kill off both casters and bring the melee add down to 50% health. After the phase is complete with Lady Naz’jar not protecting herself in the center she will cast a geyser which appears on the ground as a whitish blue circle. Kite the add on top of this geyser, or use a priest mind control to walk it over to it and allow the geyser to erupt with the add on it. Continue the fight as normal.

      Boss: Ozumat
      Achievement: Prince of Tides
      Key notes:The Unyielding Behemoth comes out during phase 1. Kiting will be necessary. Strategy:
      Have you tank mark the Unyielding Behemoth (it’s the largest of the adds that spawn during phase 1). The tank should then kite the add around the room and only do damage to it to maintain threat. During Phase 2 the tank should continue kiting the add along with the beasts that spawn until the beginning of phase 3. Once phase 3 starts and Neptulon buffs the group with Tidal Surge kill of the Behemoth and then kill Ozumat.
      Back to Top
      ---------------------The Stonecore---------------------
      Boss: High Priestess Azil
      Achievement: Rotten to the Core
      Key notes:You only have one shot per instance run at this achievement using the method mentioning. There is no reset (unless you choose to wait 30 minutes for the instance to reset). Strategy:
      In front of the boss there are 3 groups, each containing 20 Devout Followers. Have you tank go in and pull all 3 three groups with some cooldowns as 60 mobs hitting on one tank probably stings a little. Once the tank has aggro on everything he (or a dps) should pull the boss during this time as well. Once the boss comes in and lands everyone should AOE the adds and burn them down quickly. Once the adds die proceed to burn boss as normal.
      Back to Top
      ---------------------Vortex Pinnacle--------------------
      Achievement: Extra Credit Bonus Stage
      Key notes: The Orbs have to be clicked on. There is an orb counter on the top of your screen. The collection of orbs is shared among the group and is not tied to one individual. Strategy:
      Here is an achievement that does not have a real strategy. Simply run around the instance after you have finished it and look for the golden orbs, jumping off the edge and clicking on them is needed for most of them.

      Boss: Asaad
      Achievement: No Static At All.
      Key notes:This is an individual achievement not a group one. Strategy:
      Jump to avoid Static Cling! Static Cling will be cast at the beginning of the fight and then will always be cast after the boss casts Chain Lightening. If you are having problems getting the achievement just continue jumping a few times while he is casting Static Cling to avoid the getting rooted.
      Back to Top
      -------------------Lost City of Tol'vir--------------------
      Boss: Lockmaw / Augh
      Achievement: Acrocalypse Now
      Key notes: A priest lightwell can be very helpful. The crocs spawn in groups of 4. If no one is killing them you will need 5 groups. Strategy:
      Have a priest drop a lightwell by the stairs if you have access to one. If not just proceed as normal. Everyone should mount up and the tank should run to Lockmaw and get initial aggro. The tank and the other players should then run in circles around the swamp. As players dip below 50% health they should hit the lightwell to regain health around the time the 5th wave spawns the lightwell will disappear, however you should have all the adds you need. All players should group up and AOE the adds down quickly.
      If you don’t have access to a lightwell the healer may want to dismount around the 4th wave and begin healing everyone the incoming damage the healer may take by the time the 5th wave spawns should be easily manageable. Once the 5th wave spawns everyone should group up and AOE the adds down.

      Boss: High Prophet Barim
      Achievement: Kill it with Fire.
      Key notes: Individual achievement not a group based one. Can be completed over multiple encounters with the boss Strategy:
      During phase 1 the Phoenix Hatchling will leave a patch of fire on the ground. At 50% health phase two will start and everyone will be ported into the spirit world. Every so often a users soul will split off of their body and begin making its way toward the Dark Hatchling. Once the Soul goes through the fire patch left by the phoenix it will receive a debuff called burning soul that lasts five seconds after leaving the fire. The add must be killed within this time. Repeat three times kill boss.

      Boss: Siamat
      Achievement: Headed South
      Key notes: Phase two starts after the last Servant spawned dies. In order to get the debuff from the add you must be in melee range of the add when it dies. Two strategies that most groups seem to follow. The boss does not have an enrage timer. Strategy 1:
      This strategy relies on pure coordination and effective communication. Once you engage Siamet he will shield himself from damage reducing the damage he takes by 90%. Before this shield goes up everyone should be dpsing the boss. Once the boss shields up, range should proceed to kill the minions that spawn around the platform while melee stays on the boss, until all three Servants have spawned. Once all three Servants have spawned the melee and tank should proceed to kill the final Servant spawned, thus initiating the start of phase two. Once the debuff that the add gives up while killed reaches between 5 to 10 seconds left everyone should proceed to kill a second add to refresh the debuff. Rinse and repeat for the third add and continue to DPS the boss until he is dead.
      Strategy 2:
      This strategy relies on a good healer with good DPS, and well is rather boring, but you don’t have to rely on killing the boss before the debuff timer falls off. While the beginning of the fight remains the same all DPS should be damaging him as much as possible before his shield goes up and once the minions spawn range should kill them off quickly. The change will be once the third Servant spawns you will not kill it, instead continue dpsing the boss through the shield. Burn the boss down as much as your healer can manage (ideally below 50% health), then kill the final Servant that has spawned. After everyone is done getting tossed around kill off the remaining two adds and then DPS the boss down before the debuff falls off.
      Back to Top
      -------------------Halls of Origination-------------------
      Achievement: Faster Than the Speed of Light
      Key notes: The final boss does not need to be killed for the achievement only the four mini bosses. Use buffs such as Swiftness Potion or Aspect of the Pack to give speed boosts in between bosses. Strategy:
      The timer starts as soon as Brann Bronzebeard starts opening the door, you will lose roughly 10 seconds on RP stuff. You will want to kite the Troggs to the bosses and nuke them down along with the boss moving quickly between platforms to avoid Trogg respawns. After the final boss is killed and Bronze opens the next door the timer is stopped.

      Boss: Temple Guardian Anhuur
      Achievement: I Hate That Song
      Key notes: He will cast Reverberating Hymn twice during the fight. The achievement is 15 seconds per each time not over the entire fight. Snakes will not respawn unless they are killed. Reverberating Hymn is cast every 33% of health the boss loses. Strategy:
      Have you tank jump down before engaging the boss and pick up all the snakes and tank them while tanking the boss, being weary to not AOE any of them down and your DPS should not mindlessly AOE them down as well. Then as soon as the boss starts casting Reverberating Hymn two DPS should jump down on each side and pull the lever. As soon as both levers are pulled the boss should be interrupted.

      If the snakes do get killed then your tank should jump down before the boss reaches the point where he will cast Reverberating Hymn (either 66% or 33% health) and collect all the snakes and bring them back up to the top of the platform then the DPS can jump down and pull the levers without any snakes around.

      Boss: Earthrager Ptah
      Achievement: Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back
      Key notes:Individual achievement not group based. Strategy:
      Before engaging the boss everyone should mount a camel. The camel will increase run speed and will give casters the ability to cast while moving. The boss has two abilities which can cause the player to dismount from the camel, both of these should be avoided. During Phase 1 the boss will cast Earth Spike, a swirly dark cloud on the ground that causes a spike to propel out of the ground dismounting anyone in the location. During phase 2 when the boss breaks apart the Quicksand ability will dismount players who are unfortunate enough to be caught in it. The Quicksand looks like a swirling sand graphic on the ground. Continue to DPS the boss (and adds) while avoiding the above two abilities until he’s dead.

      Boss: Rajh
      Achievement: Sun of a....
      Key notes:Interrupt abilities that can be interrupted such as Orb Summoning and Heroic Leap Strategy:
      Pull the boss to the farthest corner in the room and tank him there. Be sure to continually interrupt all abilities that can be interrupted. Once the boss reaches 0 focus he will walk back to the middle of the room and begin recharging. The boss must be killed before this cast time is complete.
      Back to Top
      -----------------------Grim Batol----------------------
      Boss: General Umbriss
      Achievement: Umbrage for Umbriss
      Key notes:
      At the beginning of the fight you will want to CC the Malignant Troll (he’s the shadowy purple one) and DPS the boss down to below 20% health. Once the boss reaches 20% health you will want to wake up the Malignant Troll and kill him by the boss and affect the boss with the buff Modgud’s Malice. The buff lasts 20 seconds, giving you 20 seconds to burn off 20% of the bosses health.

      Boss: Erudax
      Achievement: Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet
      Key notes:Stuns do not work, only slowing effects. Strategy:
      The boss will summon two Faceless Corruptors after every Shadow Gale. The Corruptors will be at the entrance of the room and split off with one going to the left and the other to the right. The party should be split into two groups and everyone should dps the adds down quickly using all slowing effects on the mobs. If one sides Corruptor dies they should help out the other side and burn that add down as well.
      Back to Top
      Boss: Glubtok
      Achievement: Ready for Raiding
      Key notes:Individual based not group based. Strategy:
      When Glubtok teleports himself to the center of the room he will raise above the ground and spawn a wall of fire the spins in a circle around him (slowly). Simply avoid getting hit by this and continue moving until he has finished casting the Fire Wall.

      Boss: Helix Gearbreaker
      Achievement: Rat Pack
      Key notes: Individual based achievement not group based. Can be completed across multiple boss encounters Strategy:
      Every time the Lumbering Oaf uses his charge ability on a player, Mine Rats will spawn around the lumber pile and broken teleporter. Once the rats spawn kill them.

      Boss: Foe Reaper 5000
      Achievement: Prototype Prodigy
      Key notes:
      Kill all the trash and kite the boss back up the stairs. One person should jump in the Prototype and proceed to stun lock the adds that will attempt to make their way up the ramp.

      Boss: Admiral Ripsnarl
      Achievement: It’s Frost Damage
      Key notes:Boss does not need to be killed to earn achievement Strategy:
      Fight the boss as normal until he phases away at 75% health. Mark the first Evolved Vapor that appears and dps all others that appear. While the Evolved Vapor is casting Coalesce everyone run inside the cabin to LOS the spell. Repeat this three times.

      Boss: “Captain” Cookie
      Achievement: I’m on a Diet
      Key notes: Individual achievement not group based. AMS does not stack the food debuff Strategy:
      The easiest strategy for this fight is to not click on anything. Just stay out of the bad swirly spots on the ground and continue dpsing the boss.

      Boss: Vanessa VanCleef
      Achievement: Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator
      Key notes:You don’t have to kill the boss to get the achievement. Strategy:
      As soon as you are freed from the cauldron don’t run all the way down the ramp instead jump over the ledge about midway down.
      Kill Boss and keep moving to next boss.
      For next boss (Helix) kill boss and do not AOE or attack any spiders.
      During spinning Mario walls avoid them and move to boss quickly killing him.
      Once out in ship yard dps adds while dragging the adds in between packs.
      Once final add dies attack Vanessa VanCleef to earn achievement.

      An alternate strategy if you have a soulstone or ankh available is to have that person mount up and run all the way to the boss. If the first NPC is not saved then the group will wipe, the person should then use soulstone or ankh and immediately attack the boss earning the achievement for everyone.
      Back to Top
      --------------------Shadowfang Keep-------------------
      Boss: Baron Ashbury
      Achievement: Pardon Denied
      Key notes:
      If you have a DK tank have them cast AMS just before Asphyxiate.
      Assign someone to watch for the cast timer for Stay of Execution and interrupt it immediately. The healer will then need to heal the tank and dps up quickly to avoid anyone instantly dying.

      Boss: Commander Springvale
      Achievement: To the Ground!
      Key notes:
      The adds that are in front of the boss and that spawn every 45 seconds will often cast Unholy power onto the boss this needs to be interrupted at all times will dpsing the adds that are alive. Simply interrupt the adds while they are casting (two interrupts one for each add) and once they are dead move to the boss. Every 45 seconds a new pair of adds will appear, rinse, repeat.

      Boss: Lord Godfrey
      Achievement: Bullet Time
      Key notes:All 12 adds do not need to be killed in a single encounter as it is a cumulative effort. Strategy:
      During the fight the boss will summon Bloodthirsty Ghouls. After he summons the Bloodthirsty Ghouls he will immediately begin casting Pistol Barrage. The tank should aggro the ghouls and drag them through the pistol barrage and they will instantly be killed by the barrage.
      Back to Top
      Note: Forums are not working nice for moving from word to here. I'll slowly update and clean up to format properly. I'll also update and link to wowhead once the new linking process is put into place.

      06.10.12 - BRC formatting updated (first round). I still want to add page anchors and may look at updating formatting after doing some more playing around with the rest of the page.
      06.11.12 - Working anchors put in place.
      06.14.12 - Finished outline and formatting
    • By Peelyon
      Another WoW forum classic is your proudest achievement.
      For me I think it has to be
      50 Exalted Reputations
      It reminds me of some of the horrible grinds I've completed and some of the more enjoyable reputations in the game. Becoming exalted with a faction is an achievement in itself and although for the majority its just a matter of time played it still feels great knowing I'm loved by the majority of Azeroth (well NPC's anyway!)
      So what is yours? Is it a particular raid achievement that you completed just before a nerf? An old Feat of Strength that is no longer obtainable?
      As always, over to you!
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