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Glory of the Pandaria Hero (HC Dungeon Achievements)

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I made this topic to help you guys out with achievements from HC dungeons of MoP.

I will try to tell you about the general tactics for every achievement needed for Glory of the Pandaria Hero

although this will probably be too long (This post is gonna be long enough as it is) so maybe I'll break it up in parts.

I will do this for each dungeon seperately rather than all the achievements needed in a long list.

Lets start with the beginning.

1. Temple of the Jade Serpent.

For this dungeon there are 3 achievements to be obtained.

I will treat them in this order rather than the order in which they are listed.

1.1 Hydrophobia.

This achievement can be obtained at the fight against Wise Mari (Waterboss). The requirements are simple to understand, and a little more difficult to perform.

In order to get this achievement you must avoid being hit by 3 of the boss his abilities.

  • Corrupted Waters is all the stationary fountain water present in the room, thouching any of it will damage you, making you fail the achievement.
  • Hydrolance is an ability the boss uses, it splashes up a bunch of water in a certain part of the fountain damaging anybody it hits. Before the water splashes up you can see a visual effect indicating where it will be. Always avoid this area completely since it has a slight range.
  • Wash Away is the watergun abilty the boss uses in Phase 2. This phase starst when the adds have been killed and the boss becomes attackable. The boss will spin around slowly while a large beam of water in front of him knocks any player it hits back.
The good part about this achievement is you can get it all on your own. You are in no way dependant on people and can easily obtain it using a dungeon finder group.

The tactics are figured out easily and should not need any pointers. Nontheless I will give you some tips.

  • Before the boss becomes attackable, always stay at the part in the back of the room. It is easy to avoid all water here.
  • Shortly after the boss becomes attackable have a good look at the direction he is facing, you can tell by that where his Wash Away will start.
  • Wash Away will always go clockwise, so anticipate it and give yourself some extra time.
  • While the boss is casting Wash Away it is easy to walk around him (You are way faster than he can turn) keep walking around him untill you almost caught up with the beam, now stand still and damage the boss untill the beam is starting to get too close. Repeat.
  • Make sure to not jump violently, other than the three abilities discussed the boss wont do anything. just be carefull while jumping around him.
  • (The big adds that are spawned by the boss drop a small zone of water when they die, this does not count toward the achievement, so being hit by it does not mean you should give up. I speak of experience :S)
1.2 Seeds of Doubt.

This achievement can be obtained at the fight against the Sha of Doubt (Final boss). The requirements are simple to understand, and also quite easy to perform. There will be more incoming damage though.

In order to get this achievement you must click some crystals that apply a debuff on you and your partymembers. This debuff is called Seed of Doubt and it increases damage taken by 25%, since it stacks up to 4 times, this amount will become 100% meaning you will get twice as much damage.

At certain points in the fight the boss will spawn some Figments of Doubt. These are copies of you and your partymembers and need to be killed in order to be able to attack the boss again.

It is at these moments you will have to act, although I advise you to wait untill the boss is nearly killed, when I did it we waited for the boss to be between 10% and 20% health.

When the boss is low and he spawns the Figments of Doubt, you can see four crystals, one in each corner of the room. When clicked, these crystals apply the debuff, 1 stack each. You can either have one player go around and click each crystal or have different players each click a crystal, when doing them at the same time, keep in mind the debuff deals 50,000 damage to each player when applied.

Once you have de debuff stacked 4 times, nuke the boss.

A small tip: We found it easier to kill 4 figments before clicking the crystals, leaving the tank one alive. Then when you have de debuff, nuke the last one and nuke the boss.

1.3 Cleaning Up.

WARNING: When going for this achi, you must kill Lorewalker Stonestep first, otherwise it is not possible!!!

This achievement has been considered the hardest one in the entire meta. This might still be true for people in HC gear, once you get higher gear though, it will not be very difficult anymore.

It is possible to get the Seeds of Doubt achi in the same run. This is however near impossible and will probably make you fail at least one of the achi's. (It is possible, I did it with a good group and we applied the debuffs a little earlier in order to make it)

In order to get this achievement you must deafeat the Sha of Doubt while under the effect of Purified Water. This is a debuff that doesent do anything special. It is applied upon the death of Wise Mari and lasts for 5 minutes.

Ok so its pretty self explanatory sofar. Once mari dies, you have 5 minutes to finish the dungeon.

I will go over the routine we used.

  • When the boss dies, leave the room heading back for the entrance. (Do not walk into the hallway untill you have the debuff. I've seen people missing it for heading back too soon)
  • When the doors to the inner courtyard open, the tank should immediately pull all the trash present.
  • Aoe the trash down as quickly as possible, you can use cooldowns from less than 2 or 3 minutes here, since you will be able to use them again at the last boss.
  • Once the trash is down, nuke Liu Flameheart as soon as possible.
  • The doorst to the Sha of Doubt will now open, and a couple of Minions of Doubt will emerge. Either cc them and lock them out, or take them into the room to the boss.
  • Use all cooldowns to nuke the boss down hard, help eachother out killing the figments of doubt.
  • If you took the Minions of Doubt into the room, DO NOT WASTE ANY TIME ON THEM. They will either die from aoe's or they will survive. Just keep in mind they are there, and have your healer account for more incoming damage. Also, these adds will regulary spawn voidzones under random players. Move out accordingly.
  • If you locked the Minions of Doubt out, keep in mind they will still live when the boss dies, so they will suddenly attack while you are cheering.
I think that pretty much covers this one. It is all about timing, and if you really cannot make it, it is probably because of a shortage of DPS.

This concludes the Achievement guide for Temple of the Jade Serpent. Feel free to comment, and correct me where I might be wrong.

2. Stormstout Brewery.

For this dungeon there are 4 achievements to be obtained.

I will treat them in this order rather than the order in which they are listed.

2.1 Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'.

This achievement can be obtained at the fight against Ook-Ook. The requirements are simple to understand, and also quite simple to perform.

Keep in mind that it is unwise to DPS the boss untill the requirements are met.

In order to get this achievement you and your party must hit Ook-Ook with 20 or more Rolling Barrels before killing him.

During the fight, there will constantly be barrels rolling around the stage, you can click these barrels to mount them and steer them towards the boss. These barrels will explode upon contact with player, the boss or walls damaging all players and the boss if these are near the explosion.

I will not discuss tactics since there is only one way to do it, keep mounting barrels untill the boss is hit by at least 20. Keep in mind though that not all barrels count, we counted to 20 barrels and still didnt get it. This is because sometimes when the barrel comes in contact with the boss, it moves back a little. To be sure I would advise to roll at least 30 barrels in his direction, this way you can be sure the requirements are met.

Once you have hit him with enough barrels, simply defeating the boss will grant you the achievement.

2.2 Hopocalypse Now!

This achievement is easy to understand but may prove challenging to perform. luckily when you fail the achievement you can easily make another attempt in the same run. And again, and again, untill you get it.

In order to get the achievement you must kill 100 virmin with a single hammer swing.

When the fight against Ook-Ook has come to an end, you will make your way to the next boss through a variety of trash. There are 3 kinds of trash here and they will keep coming untill you reach the stage of the next boss. There is literally no end to them before that.

The three kinds of trash are Hoplings, Hoppers and Boppers.

Obtaining the achievement will involve the Hoplings and Boppers mainly.

I shall give you some tactics we used.

We had the tank (A Blood DK in our case) aoe taunt all the Hoplings. Keep in mind that the Hoplings have low health and should not be dotted (such as a DK's diseases). The tank should keep taunting them untill there are at least 100 around him. This makes for a pretty picture btw.

Posted Image

As you can see, the tank is at the right in this picture, having a bunch of Hoplings around him.

In the mean time, the DPS should Kill all the Hoppers and Boppers before the come near the tank with the Hoplings. The Hoppers carry an explosive barrel which they will try to make explode once they reach their primary target. (theHoplings will be affected by this too.) The Boppers carry a hammer which they will drop when they die. These hammers, can be picked up and used (3 charges), when you pick them up using these hammers comes in the form of a clickable button.

So, the tank has a bunch of Hoplings stacked near him. The DPS is killing all the Hoppers and Boppers, untill there are more than 100 Hoplings stacked together.

At this point someone can pick up a hammer, and use it to send all 100 Hoplings flying.

And there you have it. Hopocalypse Now!

2.3 How Did He Get Up There?

This achievement is really easy to understand and maybe a bit challenging to perform.

The achievement requires you find a way to make a Hozen Clinger let go.

The Hozen Clinger can be found in the room just before the next boss.

He will be hanging near a banner as seen in this picture.

Posted Image

To make him let go you will need another one of those hammers dropped by Boppers, and you will need one of theHoppers aswell.

The Hoppers cast an ability to make their barrel explode when they are near a player. The easiest way to get this, is to stack before the banner, and wait untill the castbar for the explosin is just about finished, then send the Hopperflying using a hammer, so the barrel will explode near the Hozen Clinger. The Hozen Clinger will let go, granting you the achievement.

Another way to do this is just keep spamming the hammer blows on virmen so that enough will hit him. He will let go this way too, but I found the explosion thing easier.

2.4 Ling-Ting's Herbal Journey.

This achievement is easy, but may take a while. It requires you to find all 30 Golden Hoplings hiding throughout the dungeon.

I do this achievement when we cleared the dungeon, since you can move around freely throughout the dungeon. It is possible however to do this achievement while killing the trash/bosses.

When you are done with the dungeon you will have to go back to the entrance to buy some of Ling-Ting's Favorite Tea from Auntie Stormstout. This drink makes you hallucinate and allows you to see the Golden Hoplings, the effect will take only 5 minutes though, so maybe you should buy a couple. These Golden Hoplings are very good at hide and seek and you will need to explore every corner of the dungeon.

When you find one, you can click it, and it will disappear. Any player can do this for the whole party, so you can spread out throughout the dungeon and get it maybe more quickly.

This concludes the Achievement guide for Stormstout Brewery. Feel free to comment, and correct me where I might be wrong.

3. Mogu'Shan Palace.

For this dungeon there are 3 achievements to be obtained.

3.1 Glintrok N' Roll.

This achievement is easy to understand and depending on DPS how hard it is to achieve it.

After you've defeated the Trial of the King encounter you will go down a staricase to the level blow. When you reach the first trash a scout will see you and run off to warn some folk about your presence. Once the scout sees you you have 5 minutes to defeat the trash leading up to the next boss and the next boss himself.

This is very straightforward and I shall only list some tips rather than give you a full strategy.

  • When you reach the room of the boss, you can jump down from the railing in order to engage the boss more quickly.
  • The order in which you kill the mobs depends on multiple factors, although killing the oracle first is a pre, since it heals its allies. In nearly all cases however it can be said that ccing the hexer, killing the ironhide and skulker in any order, and ending with the hexer and gekkan is the most wise order.
  • If you can cc multiple targets, ccing the Oracle and hexer is probably the smartest. Killing the Ironhide and Skulker will make the fight considerably easier. Keep in mind that the oracle heals so should have priority always.
​That's pretty much all there is to be said about this achievement.

3.2 What Does This Button Do?

This achievement is a bit misleading when you dont know what they mean by it. It is however quite easy to perform assuming your healer can pull off having a bit longer fight, and you coordinate it well.

When the boss reaches 30% health you will see a raid warning saying "You hear a faint clicking sound" When this appears two clickable crystals will appear in opposite corners of the room. These crystals will be in the mouthes of gargoyles. One in the far left corner and one in the backright. Upon clicking these crystals a third one will appear along a wall. This last crystal is always in a different loction. Once this third crystal is clicked it will activate the new weapon, now the tank only needs to move the boss in its path, the boss will get

A few things to keep in mind.

  • Your healer should try to stay in the middle of the room since people will be moving around along all the traps. Maybe it is worth it to have someone assist healing for this part.
  • When not coordinated right, this will be very hard. Be sure to make clear objectives for every player.
3.3 Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet.

This achievement is very easy. You have to find 5 Jade Quilens located in various places in the dungeon. These appear to be in the same places always.

  • Is at the opposite side of the room you enter from around the corner from the 2 fighting dogs in front of you.
  • After The Trial of the King Encounter, do a /target Jade and then mark it, its underneath the guys fighting and the dust clouds.
  • In the 1st Anti-chamber before the trash in the big room before the Boss Gekkan, It is up in the opening on the right, fancy footwork is needed to jump on the brazer and jump towards the quilen and click it mid-air.
  • Is in one of the Vaults needing an Ancient Mogu Key
  • Is in one of the jade statues that have gaurds protecting a scrying orb. Click the orb to destroy a giant statue and find the quilen.
This concludes the Achievement guide for Mogu'shan Palace. Feel free to comment, and correct me where I might be wrong.

4. Shado-Pan Monestary.

For this dungeon there are 3 achievements to be obtained.

4.1 Respect.

This achievement is not hard at all.

It requires you to bow against 20 of Master Snowdrift's students.

Before the fight against Master Snowdrift you will face a bunch of his students. Upon defeating these students they will become friendly and bow to you. When they do, you should bow back to them. I advise making a macro with /bow to easily bow with one click.

As soon as a student is done bowing and heads to the sideline, you are too late.

You will face somewhat around 50 students before moving on to the next foes. So you will have plenty of chances to get it. Furthermore, if you do not get the achievement, your progress will still count for the next time you will face them. This means that if you bow before 13 students in one encounter, bowing before 7 will suffice the next encounter.

4.2 The Obvious Solution.

This achievement is not hard to understand and not hard to perform. However, there will be a lot of incoming damage. Make sure your healer knows about this.

To obtain the achievement, you should kill the sha adds locked in prisons around the room.

When you start the fight, simply have 1 player walk to the left (Across from the exit) at the top of the stairs will be a clickable crystal. Once this crystal is clicked, three prisons will be openend making a bunch of adds enter the fight. Defeating these is not too hard in itself, but since there will be quite alot there will be alot of incoming damage.

After defeating them you only have to kill the boss in order to get the achievement.

4.3 Hate Leads to Suffering.

This achievement may be very easy to understand it is definately not very easy, no matter how much DPS or healing you have.

It requires you to defeat Taran Zhu with every player at maximum hate.

For every bit of damage you take you will get hatred, once you have maximum hatred you will get a debuff that will:

  • Reduce the chance you hit by 90%!!!
  • Reduce the healing you do by 25%
This means you cannot hold this debuff for very long, since your hits will barely land and your healer will be out of mana very quickly.

I therefore advise you to wait untill the boss sits at 2% or something (I realise this is risky, but 10% or more is still quite alot. so try to find a suitable number) at this point stop DPS completely and make sure everyone gets enough damage to get to max hatred. once everyone is there, DPS the boss down asap. Before the boss is low, you should keep resetting your hatred with the ability provided.

This proved to be pretty much the hardest achievement in the meta, maybe Cleaning up from Temple of the jade serpent comes close, but that one becomes easier as your DPS improves. This one does not.

If you have any questions regarding this achievement, feel free to PM me or comment here.

This concludes the Achievement guide for Shado-Pan Monastery. Feel free to comment, and correct me where I might be wrong.

5. Gate of the Setting Sun.

For this dungeon there are 2 achievements to be obtained.

Please keep in mind that if you want to have them all, you should do Conscriptinator before jumping down to the final boss, where you will do Mantid Swarm.

5.1 Bomberman.

This achievement is easy to understand and easy to perform. There will be ALOT of damage in on gigantic blow though.

in order to obtain the achievement you have to detonate 15 explosions within 15 seconds. Luckily, you will not have to kill the boss in order to get it, so if the blow is too much, you will still have the achievement.

It is rather simple. The achievement can be obtained during the Saboteur Kip'tilak encounter.

Occasionally Saboteur Kip'tilak will throw an explosion at a random location in the room. In addition the boss will cast Sabotage on random players quite often.

When an explosion explodes, it will trigger a couple of trails of fire in 4 directions. The same trails will trigger from a players location a couple of seconds after getting Sabotaged.

in order to easily get this achievement one player (preferably the tank) will have to stand near one of the big piles of explosions when Sabotaged. When this player detonates the entire stack will detonate aswell granting you the acievement.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The massive explosion from the stack of bombs will be quite large. even as a tank the advise is to stay near a safezone when detonating in order to move out quickly.
  • The rest of the party should be in a safezone when the pile detonates. Or die very quickly.
  • A normal bomb thrown by Saboteur Kip'tilak could very well be near one of these piles. In this case it is easier to just have someone walk over it. This way everyone is safe since the bomb will explode a second or two later.
Often players already have this achievement since it can happen by accident aswell as on purpose.

5.2 Mantid Swarm.

This achievement is simple to understand and simple to perform. Only the tank will have additional damage if done properly.

In order to get this achievement you and your party must kill the final boss Raigonn without killing any of the adds he spawns.

This does not require much additional info. Just make sure your DPS take the boss down quickly, don't aoe too much, and have your tank pick upp all the adds.

5.3 Conscriptinator.

This achievement is not very tricky to understand and a bit more tricky to accomlish since it will become more difficult as you go along.

In order to get it you must have 3 stacks of Resin Residue. I does not matter for how long, and once you have these stacks you will immediately get the achievement.

This achievement can be earned just before jumping down to the stage of Raigonn. If you already jumped down, you can use one of the launchers to get back up.

Once on top of the wall, there will be three trashmobs called Krik'thik Conscripts, fighting some friendly npc's. When you kill one you will get a stack of Resin Residue. This debuff increases the damage taken fromResin Burst, an ability the Krik'thik Conscripts will cast regulary.

upon fighting the first Krik'thik Conscript, the damage will be normal, at the second it will be double and at the third it will be triple. Be sure your healers know about this.

This concludes the Achievement guide for Gate of the Setting Sun. Feel free to comment, and correct me where I might be wrong.

PART 2 Will follow, this will cover the rest of the HC dungeons needed.

6. Scarlet Halls.

7. Scarlet Monestary.

8. Scholomance.

9. Siege of Niuzao Temple.

10. Other.

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