[Thunderlord][A] Shadow of Trees LF Heroic raiders

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About us
Shadows of Trees is a newly formed guild from three IRL friends. Looking to push into Mythic raiding while helping gear members that only have EN normal or heroic gear, 7/7H EN experience, looking to progression into Mythic EN, Heroic Trial, and looking forward towards Nighthold!

Currently farming heroic with another guild, looking to possibly merge if we get enough players

We have leadership positions to offer with time (officer & class officers), and
dedication to the guild. Farming Mythic+ to help gear.

We are laid back, looking to have some fun and laugh while clearing content.
Mature 18+ members only

We are currently recruiting for the following spots:
Range DPS
Melee DPS
One/Two Tanks
Two/Three Healers

Current times are looking at three days a week 10pm-12am server time
(possible change to 2 days a week & raiding later into the night)


Flask will be provided as much as possible to raiders, food with come after
once an established group of players is formed.

Message in game for more info

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