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PTR for beginners

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So me and my brother decided to download the PTR client. We both copied a char and are downloading as we speak.

We are both quite experienced players, yet we have never done PTR shiz.

So a couple of simple questions.

  • What should be the first objective for me starting the ptr.
  • Are there any requirements to enter raid testing and such
  • it is advised to take things with you (inventory, such as gems/flasks/tables/unameit) before copying your char.
  • What does my character gain and lose on the ptr.

I have tried bot the eu and us battle.net forums and only found a bunch of posts about specific classes/encounters.

Since I'm starting with this, I figured I was to ask Icy-Veins for opinion.



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IIRC, your inventory is emptied, and reaplced with everything you'd need.

I remember being stripped of all , talents, spell binds, glyphs, etc.

All three complete tier sets from the previous release were in the bags as well.

I think gear I was wearing at the time of copying was still equipped.

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I just came on, I have all my items in my inventory, I also still have all my glyphs. My talents and spec are reset tho. I bought a t16 5set (PVE) but Im stiull not quite sure what to do now. It doesent really seem worth it to do things like lfr, dailies (except maybe the new ones) and other shiz, so is it really only worth it on testing days or is there something productive to be done?


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The point of PTRs (or any alpha/beta release) is to do the normal things, take note of any bugs/issues/etc you encounter and report them.

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ok, so I should just keep trying to progress in LFR, Normal and Hc raids. Doing questlines and all the other things I do normally.

And ofc, (When the oppurtunity presents itself) test out new features.

Seems pretty simple. Thx for reply.

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