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[Players][H] Healer and DPS looking for weekend action

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Returning husband and wife duo looking for a guild to run dungeons and raids with on the weekends. She is a healer (currently monk), I am DPS (currently monk but a man of many talents, especially warlock). Not looking for anything  particularly hardcore but would like to see endgame content. Mostly looking for a fun group to run things with.

We are currently on Runetotem but are open to moving if it's a PVE server.

Last serious raiding we did was back in Cataclysm but I don't remember what we did. We cleared WoTLK content in 25m and I have the Obsidian Slayer title but honestly, Sartharion was kind of a pushover.

If any guild out there has a couple open spots for some weekend runs, we'd love to hear form you!

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Good evening, Ulrict! I may have that casual weekend action you and your wife are looking for! We're Draconus Noir, a smallish, relaxed casual guild with a raiding core that is sort of semi-hardcore, and we are seeking a healer and a warlock, and I noticed you're up for running your lock as well, so there ya go!

The guildies are constantly running five-mans through the week, and before raid times during the weekends. These are relaxed runs full of giggles. Our guildies are passionate about guild community, and are very inclusive. We've also had several years go by with zero drama. Believe it, you bouncy panda.

I notice you're willing to transfer to another PvE server. Would you be opposed to transfering to a PvE server for an Alliance guild?

If so, here's a link to our guild info. I think you'll find that we're right up your alley!

Interested? Shoot me a tell. Galadrenai#1703 is the place.

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On 19.11.2016 at 11:01 PM, Maeraxis said:

Good evening, Ulrict!

Not sure if they have already got in touch with you, but quoting a portion of the OP will trigger a notification on their account. Going to tag them for you, in case they didn't see this yet. @Ulrict

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