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[Mal'Ganis][H] <Introspection> 6/7H Recruiting Professional Adults, T/Th 8-10pm ST (9-11pm EST)

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[H] <Introspection> is recruiting professional adults (22+) from any field that enjoy playing WoW with like-minded mature, friendly individuals. Our guild is made up of a small group of real life friends, plus many others that have known each other on WoW for several years. Our members include a mix of software engineers, mechanical engineers, a cabinet maker, military folks, a soon to be medical student, plus others I just can't recall at the moment! We pride ourselves on providing a cordial, safe environment to play in and will always try and help others succeed rather than berating them :D.

We are currently 6/7 H EN as a guild, but the majority of the members have already downed heroic Xavius through non-guild groups. We will be looking to start Mythic content once we have a full roster. We also do a lot of Mythic+ groups! Our current recruiting needs are:

  • Tank (any class)
  • Healer (full on Resto druids)
  • DPS (full on DH, definitely looking for ranged!)
  • Raid Date/Time: Tues/Thurs 8-10pm server time (9-11pm EST). On Sundays we have an optional raid night from 8-10pm st as well for clean up.

Our goal is to form a gaming community of intelligent professional adults that can balance having a great time with friends while taking a serious approach to progressing content as a team. If this sounds like you then <Introspection> could very well be the guild you've been looking for. We have a very active discord for you to socialize in as well!

If you are interested in learning more about <Introspection> or would like to get to know our members send a PM to Shiso#11443, Glide#1666, or Frenchman#1404. You can also add me on Discord (saff#2316). We look forward to hearing from you!

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