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ALTernate Arrangements of Sargeras (Alliance) is a 2 night, 8 hour per week raiding guild. We're 4/7M and 2/3H. We are looking for dedicated players.

Current need:
Resto Shaman/Elemental OS
Shadow Priest
Resto Druid/Balance OS

HOWEVER, we will consider exceptional players of any class and spec.

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! We do not require you to fill out some stupid 10 page application! Instead, we conduct Discord interviews. We'll chat for a bit about your previous experience, take a look at your logs, and get an idea of what kind of an individual you are. Should you pass the interview, then we'll test you out in some M+ and/or our H EN alt runs. If you pass that test then we'll drag your ass into the prime time event.

Our Raid Times
Main Raid Times:
Tues 6:45-10:30 pm CST
Thurs 6:45-10:30 pm CST

Alt Raid Times:
Mon 6:45 - 10:30 pm CST

870+ iLvL
A mic to be able to speak in Discord
90% attendance, as we only raid twice a week

General Info
Loot is handled by a fair and organized council composed of our Officers. We do not cherry pick favorites to receive all of the gear. You will get gear if you show commitment to the guild. Our guild is comprised of adults and expect our members to act like adults. The guild has been around since ICC and has cleared all content at the highest level since then. We have a long legacy and will continue to build on that for years to come (or until WoW finally dies).

To inquire contact our Recruiting Officer

Skruff - Oties#1285

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