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[Hyjal][H] <Earned Not Given> (1/7 M 3/3 N)

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<Earned Not Given> Hyjal
Horde-PvE-Pacific time
1/7M 3/3N

Tired of a raiding community that only cares about progress or loot, and dismisses it's raiders? Here at Earned Not Given, we believe our team first, mission second, but don't let that fool you, we're in it to win it. A raid team, like any team, requires some basic fundamentals: a shared vision and common goal, a consistent review and improvement of self and others, and lastly a friendly environment. 

Raid Times
* Tues/Wed 8:30pm-11:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Server Time)
* Optional: Sun 830pm-1030pm Pacific Standard Time (Server Time)

What we have to offer
* Competitive Raiding environment
* Friendship
* Mature leadership
* Dedicated players to the game
* A stable and well-crafted guild structure
* Free 24/7 Discord chat access
* Logs
* Fair loot council system

What we expect from you
* Positive Attitude
* Stable Internet Connection
* Functional Headset
* 90% attendance rate/month
* Full knowledge of class and all specs
* Full knowledge of each Boss Encounter
* 90 percentile effort
* EARN your spot, nothing is given in this guild!

Current Raider Requirements:
* 860+ilvl
* Full knowledge of class/role
* Full knowledge of ALL Emerald Nightmare/Trials of Valor bosses
* Fully enchanted and gemmed gear
* Flasks, food, prepots specific to class

Required Addons
* Angry Assignments
* Exorsus Raid Tools
* RC Loot Council
* BestInSlot


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