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Ok, I was thinking of doing a thread on how to tame the rare pets in Cata, with some hints and tips on how I did it - those pet's can be pesky goddamitt!!

So I'm saving this post to edit later when I'm on my computer with a guide for those loveable pixilated beasts :)

Oh and feel free to add your own hints and tips if there's anything you think I've missed out :)

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...get a friend to find it for you and guard it from ally rogues until you get there! Those pesky rogues!

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Ok so, I'll get a start on the taming of the rare pets in Cata, starting with the ones in the Molten Front:

First up is Kirix. This pet can be tamed by any hunter spec.

I felt that this was a relatively easy tame. You can find Kirix patrolling the following route in the Molten Front:

Posted Image

Since this is the only route he patrols, if he isn't there then he isn't spawned. Don't worry though, if he isn't there just periodically check back. I'm uncertain of the spawn timer but I know he spawns every day from past experience.

Even though he is in 'The Furnace', which is covered by lots of lovely killing flames, you are still able to get to him. It is easier if you have the dailies for the druids of the flame to get through, but when I tamed him I just hit my deterrence and used my nitro boost on my belt to at least get half way through before I died. Then it's just a simple case of resurrecting a bit closer to the end of the flames each time and then eating food. It would most likely be useful to have a buff food and also take a inv_potionf_2.jpgElixir of Mighty Speed with you too.

Once you are ready to go wait until he goes back towards Fireplume Peak before getting in position. Also double check that you have dismissed your current pet and have Aspect of the Wild on. If you do not have this aspect on you WILL die.

I stood like this:

Posted Image

The co-ordinates are (27, 70) I took this position because he knocks you back and unfortunately knocks you flying off the edge if you don't position yourself correctly - as I found out at my first try of taming him!

As soon as he comes around the corner, hit him at max range. You are able to hit him side on, so you don't have to turn to face him. He will come at you and knock you back. When you are at the highest point of this knock back cast disengage. When you land, hit deterrence and cast tame beast straight away. I didn't make a macro for this but you can if you want:

/cast Deterrence

/cast Tame Beast

It may also be best to pop a inv_alchemy_elixir_04.jpgPotion of Speed if you can get your hands on one just before you hit your macro to make the tame quicker.

Once the tame is over you will have your nice new Kirix pet. I would recommend taming this pet before mists as the aspect of the wild is being removed and he hits very hard without the aspect.

I got him on my second try. Hopefully you found this guide useful, any questions then feel free to ask.

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Now on to Skitterflame. I don't have this pet personally, mainly because I have my remaining slots earmarked for other pets, but have witnessed it being tamed and fail tamed.

This pet is tamable by any hunter spec.

Before going hunting for this pet you will almost definitely want to have inv_alchemy_elixir_04.jpgPotion of Speed and inv_potionf_2.jpgElixir of Mighty Speed

Skitterflame can be found at Fireplume Peak, co-ordinates (19,49) in a pool of lava.

Posted Image

You can stand quite close to him and you won't pull him. There are adds around him, so you will most likely want to clear them before starting to try and tame.

Skitterflame has a buff called Superheated. This means that until this buff drops off, you can't really tame him. It is reported that the buff will drop off at 20/100 energy, though others say they've done it at 35/100 energy before the buff drops off but that is with a druid's root.

Skitterflame begins the fight with 100 energy. To be able to tame him you have to cool him down enough so the buff drops off. To start, you will most likely want to position yourself like this:

Posted Image

Place a freezing trap quite near to him and then pull him with autoshot. I'd recommend waiting until your freezing trap is off cool-down again before pulling him. Make sure you only hit him once, you need him to stay in this trap as long as possible to get his energy down. When he goes into the first trap, walk back away from him a little and place another freezing trap.

When his second trap breaks, kite him using concussive shot. When you have freezing trap available again trap him, but keep a close close eye on his energy. As soon as it drops below 20 BREAK the trap. If his energy reaches 0, he will die and then despawn. You can hit deterrence at this point if you wish and then cast tame beast. You will almost definitely want to make sure that his energy is at 19 or below for the simple fact that he will charge you (at max range or not) and break your cast. All being well, you should then have a nice new pet for your troubles.

I was trying to help a guildie tame him yesterday and when she finished casting tame he didn't become hers. We figured this was because I had aggro and not her - so try and make sure you have aggro on him if you go in a group.

Please remember to keep an eye on his energy. As my friend found out, trapping him a third time and not instantly breaking it made him die. His spawn timer isn't too bad though. We tried taming him around 9pm server last night and he was back when I logged in at 1pm server today.

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Next up is my favourite. Deth'tilac.

Tamable by any hunter spec.

Posted Image

You can find her just behind the forlorn spire at 68,72

Posted Image

This is the only position she spawns in and doesn't move unless pulled, so if she isn't there then she isn't spawned.

Not sure of her exact spawn timer but I helped my friend tame her last night at 11pm server and she was spawned again at 3pm server today when I checked to see if she was there.

You can, of course, tame her by yourself, which is what I did. It just takes a while longer to do it!

You will want to make sure you have a spider pet for this tame, especially if you are doing it alone! If you don't have one then just grab a normal one from nearby.

Deth'tilac has a buff on her called Molten Will, which will drop off when her health reaches <20%, at which point you can tame her. You will need your snake trap and primarily your Ice trap for this tame.

Put your pet on roar and pull deth'tilac. Ensure you are at quite a bit of range with your snake trap and ice trap in her path. Anything in the melee range will be one shotted by Deth Strike, so you should take extra care to not fail with your traps and if you have a friend helping you then try not to take melee! Your pet will die a lot, your job is to ress it and send it back in to be sacrificed. Each time something is killed by Deth'tilac, a % of her health is lost. The aim is to kite her around, using your traps and concussive shots so that you can take enough health off her to start taming. The aim of having a spider pet is to slow her down so she does not get within melee range of you.

I am also an engineer so I had my nitro belt to help me out but you should be fine. I pulled her around this route:

Posted Image

It is a good idea to clear all around the area where you will be kiting her, so you don't get aggro off other creatures.

This is not a dps race tame, it is all about patience. Keep up with the traps, keep up with the damage and keep up with ress'ing and sacrificing your pet. Just ensure that when deth'tilac reaches <20% you dismiss your pet, have some range, fire off a snake trap/ice trap and begin to immediately tame. All being well you should have your nice shiny new pet.

Obviously it goes quicker when there is more than one of you, I was amazed how quickly her health went down after both of our pets kept being sacrificed. I got her on my third try when I solo tamed her. Good luck!

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i find everyone's pets for them :) I do sooo love NPC Scan/NPC Scan overlay... if i HAPPEN to come across one while im out and about my daily farming duties (making tons and tons of gold to roll around on, toss gleefully in the air and gloat about) then i announce it, and do my normal ROGUE-ish thing, of offering to give its location up for "finders fee"....... and even "hold" the pet from anyone else getting it till they get there.....for um.......even slighlty more gold........

WHAT???!!??? Posted Image

im a rogue! Posted Image

Posted Image *vanish*

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do you then kill the pet just as the hunter arrives? Because that would be true rogue style!

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Neridae, how kind of you not to mention me killing Skitterflame by mistake while trying to tame her Posted Image

Edit: ooh, you did mention it >.>

I got Solix few days ago, I thought I'd share how I did it.

He can be tamed by all specs as well. And remember, he's unique tamable spider with that colour.

While waiting for his new master, he's sitting in the lava pool in the Igneous Depths, cave in Molten Front.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I died for the first time, he was too fast, and got to me, but tamed him on the second try.

He's got two buffs, which make him impossible to tame without some tactics. Flashfire, that increases his attack speed by 1000% and his movement speed by 100%, and Blazing Speed, which just says 'Too fast to tame'. We're gonna have to kite him around the room, dazing him with spell_frost_stun.jpgConcussive Shot, and slowing with spell_frost_freezingbreath.jpgIce Trap.

Put on ability_mount_jungletiger.jpgAspect of the Cheetah and launch spell_frost_freezingbreath.jpgIce Trap around here:

Posted Image

where you can also stand, or even further away, while pulling him. Open with spell_frost_stun.jpgConcussive Shot to daze him down, and start running around the room, I did it clock-wise, but it's really up to you.

Launch more Ice Traps when they're off cooldown, preferably in the middle of the narrow parts of the path, so he definitely triggers them and also daze him some more with Concussive Shot.

The trick is to decrease his energy to 50% or lower, so he looses his buff and he's ready for tame. Just get some range on him, might wanna loose the Aspect of the Cheetah (I think I didn't, but better to be safe than sorry) and start taming.

Best use the ability_whirlwind.jpgDeterrence/ability_hunter_beasttaming.jpgTame Beast combo, using macro that Neridae posted already.

Just remember, once his energy drops to 0, he dies! so it's important to Feign Death if you feel that tame will fail, or you'll loose him till the next spawn!

And here is piccy with my hunter and her newly (well kinda) tamed spider Posted Image

Posted Image

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Oh btw, Neridae, shall we tell the tale of how we tried to tame Skarr for you? ;p

I'm getting to the Skarr tame, honest. It was so very painful!

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Next up we have the wonderful Skarr.

Tamable by any spec but if solo'ing you will want to spec MM.

My tame for this was awful and in the end required two guildies to help. He was in the worse position to tame out of the two he can spawn in, so I am blaming that!

<Tactics to follow>

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I'm not much into Hunters, so I didn't take the time to read this thread properly. It's actually a guide!!

I made it a sticky ;)

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