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About us!
Descendance is a relatively new guild. The core players of the roster met just before the release of the expansion around the idea of establishing a guild where people may feel like home and meanwhile can show their best to contribute in both PvE and PvP progresses. By taking their strength from this support, the officers of the guild agreed that we are founding a center for dedicated players, where they can endeavor and improve themselves as well as the guild. In this sense, we are not only a World of Warcraft guild, but a gaming community; some of our players actively participate in e-sport tournaments in other games like the Rocket League and Counter Strike.

What is our current progress?
We have just started our Mythic progress after the stunning performance of our players (HC EN Full clear in two and an half hours). However, for Mythic runs we need to expand our roster with the players who can keep up with our pace along with becoming a part of our social community.
Also in PvP, at this moment we have around 2000 rating and looking for hardcore PvP players. Our next goal is to complete our PvP roster with dedicated competitive players, again.

Who are we recruiting?
For the Mythic PvE progress, we are looking for 2 healers and around 3 DPS. For the details please visit our website, or add Aeolian#2975.

For Rated PvP, we need few more players mainly balance, guardian druids and a restoration shaman.

Our Raid hours are Thursday/Saturday/Sunday 19:00-22:00 (Server Time) and RBG hours Monday/ Tuesday/Friday 19:00-20:30 (Server Time).

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