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[Ravencrest][A] <Harambe Vengeance> (2/7H)

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Harambe vengeance is a newly found guild found on experienced oldschool mythic raiders that came back in legion.
Whilst we are running through Heroic EN, we want to recruit more stable members to progress into mythic ASAP.
If you are interested in alot of memes, a good atmosphere whilst having progressive and patient guildmates when the team is currently being formed, Harambe's Vengeance is something for you

What we want from you
-atleast 85% attendancy
-Being able to speak and understand English
-A working microphone
-Motivation and patience when it comes to the raids

What you can expect from us
-Enchants/gems provided to you once you finished your trial.
-A fair and well organised lootcouncil
-Casual runs for non-raiders and alts for the people who are interested
-A sympathetic officer team that won't hesitate to help you when it's needed

Our raidtimes are:
-sunday & tuesday 19:00 - 22:00
-Casual clears wednesday or friday but are not necessary to attend

What we currently need
-1 Tank (Warrior Pref)
-2 Healers (Shammy & Paladin Pref)
-All exceptional dps is welcome

If you think this guild is something for you, don't hesitate to contact one of our officers: "Mittens#2665, Unr34L#2858, Niqrazz#2889 or Kuhaku#21995"
or apply on our guild website: "http://harambevengeance.enjin.com/recruitment"

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