[US - Area 52][H] <VEX> 10man 3/13HM Needs Hunter

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As the subject line states...

We are looking for a solid SV/BM hunter for our core 10 man group. This is for an immediate spot.


1.) iLVL 515+

2.) Near equal experience, this tier.

3.) No Guild Hoppers

4.) Mumble

5.) Great Attendance

We were top 20 last tier on Area 52, and started this tier top 25 before we had some turnover in the tank and healing spots to real life conflicts. As you can see, I am still trying to find a stable Hunter, just need a core hunter that is capable of pewpew and no stand in bad.

We raid a 2 day/8 hour schedule:

Thurs & Sunday from 8:30pm EST to 12:30am EST

Contact DrudgeUrFace#1674 or cainito#1786. Please hit me up if you are interested in running us on trial.

to fill out an app on our forums



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