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<Univaje> haetaan raidaajia ja casualeita.

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Univaje on vanha yhä hengissä oleva suomalainen Alliance kilta joka rekrytoi uusia päteviä pelaajia Mythic raideihin. Haussa olevat classit näkyvät meidän etusivulla,toki hakemuksia saa lähettää muutkin classit ja on jopa suotavaa! Myös casuaalit ovat ehdottomasti tervetulleita sekä PVP! Vaikutamme Kul-Tiraksella,Alonsuksella ja Anachronoksella. Meiltä löytyy myös Anachronokselta casuaali tytärkilta Horden puolella. Lisäinfoa saa killan omilta kotisivuilta univaje.com!

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    • By Stan
      Dragonflight Season 4 starts today, check out our updated to-do list to find out what's new!
      New Content Available This Week
      Awakened Raids are now available! The first Awakened raid this week is Vault of the Incarnates! Proiritize clearing Vault for Season 4 loot and your first Antique Bronze Bullion. The first Catalyst charge is available today, but make sure to use it after you clear Awakened Vault to see how many tier set pieces you've acquired after your run. The final boss drops an omnitoken that all classes can roll for. Killing the final boss on Heroic Difficulty yields a token that you can exchange for 1 class set piece. Click here to learn more about Awakened Class Set acquisition methods! The item level of loot from all sources has gone up by +39 item levels in Season 4. Time Rifts, Fyrakk Assaults, and Dreamsurges now all offer better loot, compared to Season 3. If you own Fyr'alath or Nasz'uro, you can upgrade the legendaries to their S4 base Item Level (502) using Scale of Awakening that costs 2 Antique Bronze Bullion, but you can only get 1 this week. You can still upgrade S3 gear, but you can no longer acquire S3 crests. New crests are available for gear upgrading. You will find the gear upgrading brackets in our guide. New rewards await in Mythic+ Season 4! The latest PvP season also introduces new rewards and better gear. This week's bonus event is Burning Crusade Timewalking You can clear dungeons to unlock slots in the Great Vault alongside Item Level 467 loot! Complete 5 Timewalking Quests for the weekly quest to receive 1 piece of item level 493+ loot. Clear Black Temple Timewalking forI Item Level 493 loot. DHs who earned both warglaives the regular way can now obtain the Weapon Arsenal from Illidan which lets them use the legendaries for transmog. Thanks to the increased reputation buff, it's super fast this week to reach Revered with the Netherwing and add some cool mounts to your collection! In Shadowlands Season 4, we've seen Fated World Bosses, but it doesn't seem to be the case with Dragonflight Season 4, so it's not really worth killing World Bosses.
    • By Stan
      Here's a reminder for all Demon Hunters! Since it's Burning Crusade Timewalking you can earn Arsenal: The Warglaives of Azzinoth from Illidan if you earned the weapons the regular way!
      Make sure to run Timewalking Black Temple on your Demon Hunter this week if you've unlocked the Warglaives of Azzinoth achievement with a character that can equip them.
      You need to collect both warglaives to use them for transmog and to unlock the “I'll Hold These For You Until You Get Out” achievement.
      Remember, achievement credit isn't shared across your account, so you must obtain both weapons with the same character.
      If you haven't acquired the regular warglaives yet, now is a great time to start farming them. That way, you'll be prepared to grab the Arsenal at the next Burning Crusade Timewalking event.
    • By Stan
      It's super easy to go from Hated to Revered with the Netherwing faction during the Burning Crusade Timewalking event, and the reputation buff helps you unlock six awesome mounts fast!
      Sign of the Twisting Nether is active this week and the buff increases Burning Crusade reputation gains from combat and quests by 50%, which means you can skip the tedious Netherwing grind.
      Normally, you would go from Hated to Neutral with the Netherwing faction upon completing the questline that unlocks the faction.
      With Sign of the Twisting Nether, you will go from Hated straight to Revered! If you haven't done the questline yet, now's the best time to do so!
      Where to Start the Netherwing Questline?
      You can start the questline at the crystals south of Warden's Cage in Shadowmoon Valley, where you must talk to a High Elf quest-giver named Mordenai wandering around the crystals. You will find more information here.
      At Exalted with the Netherwind faction, you will receive one Netherwing mount for free and can buy the rest for 200 Gold from the vendor in Shattrath City.
      The available mounts are listed below:
      Reins of the Azure Netherwing Drake Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake Reins of the Veridian Netherwing Drake Reins of the Violet Netherwing Drake Here's a screenshot to better illustrate their appearance.

    • By Staff
      Season 4 has partially started on NA servers, as players are noticing elements of the new season popping up. This is actually planned and was announced by Blizzard, as you can see below, but players were not expecting this much to change before the reset. 
      Season 4 (Source)
      Dragonflight Season 3 will be ending April 22 at 10:00 p.m. PDT, the night before the regularly scheduled maintenance, with Dragonflight Season 4 beginning immediately following on April 23. The blue post indicated that the season should start soon after, on the 23rd, which presumably means after the weekly reset. Here are some of the things that have already changed.
      Players have been reporting various aspects of the season being in-game, starting with Season 3 items now being marked as legacy, with a grey tooltip, as spotted by Strosts:

      Crests and Flightstones have also been reset, with new ones dropping from World Quests.
      Catalyst charges are also now in Season 4 mode, as spotted by lemoncocoapuff.
    • By Staff
      We have four new zones coming in the War Within, but just how large are they, all told? We have a few community members showing their relative sizes off, comparing to various other expansion landmasses, which we'll be taking a look at today.
      First of all, the new expansion has one above-ground zone and three below, as the Isle of Dorn is our gateway into the three underground zones. This is best showcased by Sturtime2, who broke the Dragonflight and War Within zones down (with Zaralek, Emerald Dream and Forbidden Reach all being post-expansion launch zones):

      Now that we have a better idea of the War Within zone structure, we have a more visually direct comparison by CygnetFR, who also added Kul Tiras in there for comparison:

      And finally we have another Dragon Isles comparison, only this time with the Easern Kingdoms thrown in, courtesy of keyboardturn:
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