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MM hunter dps

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Hello guys. I am slacking alot of dps on raids and I don't know why. I just tested raider's dummy my rotations etc and I get all the time 295-310k dps (without pot). Is that bad with my gear? Also I am wondering about trinkets that does ursoc trinket have how high impact on dps?

Here's my armorylink. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/zenedar/Fuu/simple


Help and tips would be awesome!

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Not gonna lie. Your trinkets are crap. Plus you dont have a good legendary. 

Not sure what relics your useing but your best in slot relics are quickshot. 2 drop from ursoc. Along with the bloodthristy instinct. One of our best trinkets.

Look. Just browse through this



Its also worth checking out warcraft logs and having a look at the best mm hunters in the game and how they do their opener.


Mm hunter is very easy to play. But ive seen so many players that just dont have a clue. It doesnt take much to learn this class.

Good luck!!

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