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Patch 7.2: How to Unlock Flying in Legion

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10 hours ago, multiboxing said:

so ive been working on part 1 this weekend and I see that its going to require going in dungeon and raid! 

Has there been confirmation of this, or is it still speculation that we need this?

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6 hours ago, Blainie said:

Has there been confirmation of this, or is it still speculation that we need this?


Well The Stuff of Dreams is part of achievements_zone_suramar.gif Good Suramaritan - A Growing Crisis is one of the storylines and the last quest of this chain will send you to the The Emerald Nightmare. I have done all parts of A Growing Crisis except the one for the emerald nightmare and it still shows the storyline not complete so I would assume that's confirmation. I still have 4 more storylines to do for Good suramaritan so I don't know if anymore will require raid or dungeon. I also still have the last 4 parts of Vrykul Story, BroVrykul Story, Bro  to do and don't know if any of those will require raid or dungeon. As far as Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two well its said above the following...

"Breaching the Tomb

  • We won't be able to access the Tomb of Sargeras immediately. The raid is gated behind attunement and the first step starts in the Cathedral of Eternal Night, which is a new four-boss dungeon added in 7.2."

so if true there's a dungeon and another raid

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31 minutes ago, multiboxing said:

so if true there's a dungeon and another raid

I just don't get the problem. 

The Flight Whistle gets you a flight master every five minutes.  That's 1 WQ, MAYBE 2 if you find an easy one to burn. 

Nobody else gets flight either UNTIL they do all this stuff.  Until they are willing to do even a modicum of extra work (if you can call LFR work?  More work dealing with people than doing the actual mechanics.) 

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16 hours ago, multiboxing said:

so if true there's a dungeon and another raid

You can definitely do that Good Samaritan part in LFR, so at least they are making it fairly easy for people. I would assume the same will happen if another raid is introduced. They are also adding the Mythic only dungeons to the LFD tool, so you'll be able to do those by LFD too. It sounds like they are definitely trying to make it easy for solo players too.

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On 11/28/2016 at 11:13 PM, Adoxe said:

What the hell are you guys talking about? The achievement(s) literally require you to do stuff that you would do regardless of the reward, you're getting the achievements just by playing the game. You're not doing anything that you wouldn't do otherwise unless the only thing you do in the game is fly around and log off. There is no way not to get it, even if you don't want to, unless you aren't playing the game at all. I just don't understand how you think this is grind or some insane requirement. 

LOL, ok, let me try to put this into perspective for you.  

Being able to fly in legion....it's a simple flag attached to your account.  An admin, someone higher than a GM, can simply set the flag, done, you can fly.  Blizzard has decided to automate setting this flag by gating it behind 2 achievements.  ok cool

Your right, simply playing the game, you'll eventually get flying.  Casually playing the game, without actively trying to unlock Flying can take several months.  I would dare say, upwards of a year.  People like myself, like the others who have complained, they don't want to wait a year, to be able to fly in Legion.  Flying is just too d@mn convenient to wait that long.  From a trade-skill farming perspective alone, it's just too convenient.

So, they're forced to actively work for it, which takes significant time.  Probably about a months time worth of playing.  When you do this, it literally becomes a very grueling grind!  And that's where the complaining comes from.  Knowing that it's a simple flag that an admin can set in under 5 seconds, yet having to spend a month of actively working for it, It's just plain not fun!

I just now reached 110, literally yesterday, and I'm already itching to be able to fly.  Being relegated to using the flight masters to get around, and my mount, which I know is 3 times slower than flying...and I'm telling you:  I   CAN'T    WAIT    TO     FLY!!

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Well, According to your logic and it being simply a "Flag" that is turned on or off, I know that my bank only has to change a few numbers and my account would have millions. My Credit Card company could turn a little flag on, or off and my credit limit could be unlimited. So why should I have to work to make any of this Fiat Currency, and instead just be given everything I ever wanted. Yes, Flying is great, but having to earn it makes it much more satisfying. I do agree that the means should be simpler (not to be read as easier). Maybe they could offer it as a "Complete 5 of the following X achievements." And have it where 5 are from solo content, 5 are from raids/dungeons, and 5 are from PVP, but just expecting it to be a flag that is turned on for you because you don't want to play the whole of their work, is kind lackluster.

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