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Whats wrong with me and my fury warrior??

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Hello, please help me, im desperate! to get high dps, i have done everything i don't know what i am doing wrong,

i just cant get past 30k dps and i have an item lvl of 485, which i find ridiculous, i really hate my character, im ALWAYS the lowest dps on LFR, raids, dungs, omg i just completely suck!

here is my character!


And my rotations are

but TBH i dont understand them well, can someone explain when to use them??

Rankings are based on the following priorities:

1) Posted Image Berserker Rage if not already enraged

2) Posted Image Bloodthirst

3) Posted Image Colossus Smash

4) Posted Image Execute if boss < 20% health

5) Posted Image Raging Blow

6) Posted Image Wild Strike (On Posted Image Bloodsurge Proc)

7) Posted Image Heroic Strike only as a rage dump when rage above 80

Cooldown Priorities:

1) Posted Image Heroic Leap when Posted Image Colossus Smash debuff up

2) Posted Image Recklessness

3) Posted Image Dragon Roar

4) Posted Image Battle Shout only when 70 rage or less

5) Posted Image Heroic Throw

please guys help me

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First of all, you seem to be arms currently on the Armory, so unless you'Re just currently in your offspec, this won't be the actual rotation. If you indeed are arms, it might be the better choice, as the rotation is easier, not as reliant on procs, and actually outperforms Fury up to the ~510 ilvl mark.

Now, assuming you actually play Fury, you're going to have quite a few changes to make. You are way over the hit cap and way below the expertise cap, so you want to get those 2 stats as close to 7.5% as you can. It will ensure that none of your attacks will miss or get dodged, as long as you attack the mob from behind.

After that, you want to get as much crit as humanly possible. You currently have 12% crit. Anything below 20%, and your Bloodthirsts won't crit often enough to sustain the amount of Raging Blows you need to do.

Lastly, I won't go over the rotation again, as it is very well described on this website over here.

If you need more of a "how it feels", I would suggest my own guide over here.

Once you've read this, if you have any more question or if anything is unclear, feel free to post your further questions here and I will do my best to answer them! :)

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Fury =/= Arms.

They're 2 different specs with 2 different playstyles. My specialty is fury, so if you have any quesiton on that spec I can answer (which is what I did in the previous post). If you want to play arms, then I'm not the best one to answer your questions. If you have any specific one feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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Gearwise, it would be beneficial to get proper enchanting, gemming and reforging. As suggested in the guides, try askmrrobot(link). You don´t have to spend a fortune on enchants etc but atleast get gems for your trinket. For upgrades, try to get a better weapon or upgrade your weapon to 471 via Justice Points.

If you could log some fights via worldoflogs(link), this would help with clarifying any problems in your playstyle.

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