[Zul'Jin][H]<Nocturnal>(3/7M 7/7h 3/3) LF dps & heals

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Type: Semi-hardcore progression 
Progression: 3/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
Faction: Horde
Server: <Nocturnal> - <Zul’jin>
Raid Times:Tues,Wed & Thurs at 10:30p-1:30a pst(1:30A-4:30a est)

<Nocturnal> is currently recruiting experienced, and perspective raiders in need of an active and progression oriented mythic guild!

We are currently looking for
Healer: Druid
Range Damage: Lock,mage, shadow priest 
Melee damage:Warrior arm/ fury 

Be on time
Have Mumble for voice communication
Have installed the required add-ons
Prepare for raids outside of raid times (repairs, food, flasks, potions etc.)
Know your class and raid mechanics outside of raid times

Loot Rules:
Loot Council

Add-on List:
Deadly Boss Mods
Angry Assignments

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