[Area52][H]<The Orphanage> (5/7M 2/3H) LF Heals & RDPS

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[H] <The Orphanage> 5/7M 2/3H Rec Healers and DPS

The Orphanage was formed June 2016 by a couple friends that have been friends for 8+ years. The officer's are all experienced raiders and close friends from past heroic/mythic raiding. The Orphanage is a Horde guild on Area 52 looking for anyone with past raid experience or a strive to raid and are willing to put in the time and research to become a top player. The goal of the guild is to become a prominent progression raid group on Area 52. Our main focus for recruitment at the moment is Healers and RDPS. But we are also open to recruiting all specs to create a more competitive raiding atmosphere within the guild to breed top end raiders. If you are interested and would like to interview and trial please contact Sygnus#1583, Cjsu#1139, or Travistea#1379 in game or post in comment so I can get back to you. Please try and have current logs and knowledge of fights for interviews.

Tuesday (Mythic) 8pm- 11pm CST
Wednesday (Mythic) 8pm- 11pm CST
Thursday (Mythic) 8pm- 11pm CST
Sunday (Heroic/Sales) 9pm -??? "Optional"

AREA 52 Horde

For core mythic group Healers and RDPS
All other classes are open to have an opportunity.

5/7M 2/3H

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