[Silvermoon][A] <Midnight Asylum>(3/7M) Late Night Guild Recruiting Tank/DPS

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Midnight Asylum is a guild created in the early days of 2016. We are a bunch of guys who have been raiding as a weekend team under another guild's umbrella for a few years. 
We have decided to split and create our own guild due to logistic reasons.

We are only raiding 2 days a week, but we have good progress, we get to see all content and we are looking forward towards new challenges and encounters.

We Raid Friday and Saturday at 23:00-02:00 server time 

Were currently 3/7 M looking to get into as much mythic progression as possible.
We are looking for people with a ilvl of 860+ and with experience greater or equivalent to ours.
All Exceptional Applicants will be considered.

If you would like to apply or have any Questions please feel free to contact any officer in game or leave a application on our website, http://midnightasylum.enjin.com/

Any questions, feel free to post in this thread or poke us in game -Naturestouch, Titaniumrain or Eggy

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