[Twilight's Hammer][H] <Purge>(7/7 HC, 2/3 HC) is now recruiting!

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Who are we?

Purge is a young guild that is composed of old friends banding together mixed in with some much needed new blood. We’re guild with a relaxed but competitive attitude. Currently we are situated on Twilight's Hammer.


What can you expect from us?


A friendly bunch with a healthy amount of banter and an active discord community

A competitive raiding environment with support for logging & theory crafting.

Organized & streamlined guild events such as raids and M+.

A skilled group of players who frequently top the logs.


What do we expect from you?


A passion and dedication for raiding

High attendance (it’s ok to miss the occasional raid though)

Competent at your class & spec.

Ability to take constructive criticism

A dislike for drama while being able to handle the occasional banter.


Guild Information




Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 HC

ToV: 2/3 HC


Raid Schedule:


Monday/Wednesday/Sunday: 20:00 – 23:00


What are we currently looking for?


We're very close to completing our mythic roster so we are currently looking specifically for the last few core raiders to join our ranks. These are the classes we are recruiting right now.


• Retribution Paladin

• BM/MM Hunter

• WW Monk

• Mage

• Warlock


We are also willing to accommodate small groups of around 5-6 players regardless of class and specs. If we feel you would be a great addition to the guild, we'll cover your transfer fee if needed


Should your class and/or spec not be listed here know that we are always looking to recruit exceptional players. If you think you fit this category, feel free to give us a whisper. Should you fit the bill, we’ll gladly give you a shot at proving yourself!


Interested in joining our guild? Add me at Sherman#21940 on and poke me for a talk.


Also, feel free to ask any questions should you have any!


Have a good one folks!

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