[H]<Just Like You Imagined> 4/7M Arthas-US

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<Just Like You Imagined> Arthas-US HORDE
Tues, Thurs, Monday 7:30pm EST – 10:30pm EST 
Alt Raid (optional) Friday 7:30pm- Clear EST
7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare
4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare

2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
Guild Best Mythic + lvl 14 
--Recruitment Demands---

Mistweaver - Low

Holy Priest - High

Holy Paladin - High

Resto Shaman - Medium

---Ranged DPS---
Spriest - High
Mage - Low
Hunter - High
Warlock - Low
Elemental Shaman - Medium
Boomkin - High

---Melee DPS---
Death Knight - High
Wind Walker Monk - Low
Rogue - Medium
Arms Warrior - Low
Ret Paladin - Low 
Feral Druid - Low
Enhancement Shaman - Medium
Havoc Demon Hunter - High

---Recruitment Process---
2 Week Xrealm trial to make sure you are a good fit for the guild and you get a chance to get a feel for our raiding atmosphere in our Heroic Clears & M+.
Discord Voice Com with active social chat, Meme's, More
*Paid Character Xfer Possible for experiential recruits*
Please add me to Btag sloppybeaver#1246 or apply @

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