[A][Hellscream/Aggramar] <Aquila> 7/7M - LF Ranged and others

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What are we looking for?

Principally we're in need of some additional ranged preferably: Shadow Priest / Warlock / Mage but we will also look at Moonkin / Elemental Shaman. Indeed we will take a look at any solid application regardless of us looking principally for ranged but we're pretty well stocked on melee at the current time.

Who are we?

Aquila has been around since April 2007 after having separated from an older guild which had formed in early 2005. We still have some of those peeps indeed the GM and an officer come from that original guild. Since its formation Aquila has raided every tier without a break - I feel old. Generally we've finished in the top two or three on the realm - and I feel tired. Presently we're ranked 3rd on the server (if that's important to you - for us it's more about steady progression than where we rank however nice it is to be first!).

We're probably what peeps call "semi-hardcore" - maybe a little more "semi" than "hardcore" these days! However when we're progressing we do take it seriously, tempers can fray, headsets can lose their lives, that kinda thing. We do expect our raiders to bring flasks/pots and appropriate food, particularly when we're closing in on a kill or it's a dps/hps check.

When do we raid?

Currently we raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 20:50 till 00:00 gametime.

What do we offer

We have the usual stuff - website, discord server, etc. The guild bank currently covers all repairs and tries to have a stock of herbs, food mats, uncut gems, enchanting mats, etc. We're (typically!) a friendly bunch and willing to help with achievements, instances, mythic+, etc. when we can.

If this sounds interesting please visit our website, register and make an application! Thanks for reading.

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