[Silvermoon][A]<Dissipation> (7/7HC 3/3NM) is recruiting to move to mythics

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<Dissipation>, newly found guild on Silvermoon [A] is looking for players to join our raiding team. Currently sitting at 7/7 HC, we are seeking good, mature and reliable dps and healers. Our goal is to create a stable, mythic raiding team for when Nighthold opens.


Currently we are in need of:

  • DPS - hunters, mages, monks, warriors, paladins, shamans, death knights.

  • HEALERS - monks, paladins


All eager players are encouraged to contact us, but ^these slots have priority.

Raid times are: WED/THU/MON - 21:30 to 00:30 ST.

We expect a decent knowledge of your class, at least 850 ilvl to join us for heroics, and high raid attendance.


  • mayHeart#2735
  • Serranar#2118
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