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[US-Stormrage][A] <Dissent> Need A Fresh Start?

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Are you just coming back to the game? Have you been a long time player but just haven’t found the right guild for you? Are most guilds only looking at your ilvl rather than your previous experience? Whatever your case is, Dissent could be the perfect guild for you.

Dissent was founded on 10/15/2015 and is currently in a rebuilding phase. The leadership team in Dissent has experience raiding in top 50 US guilds and knows what it takes to build a solid team. We all have the same mindset in creating a guild that is competitive and fun to be in.


Who We Are:
• Dissent is a late night alliance guild on Stormrage.
• We are looking for people who are interested in raiding and that have the desire to help rebuild a guild to what it once was.
• The guild will be progression oriented with the intent for pushing Mythic raid content.
• Raid Times – Tuesday/Wednesday 11 PM - 2 AM CST

Healers / Melee DPS / Ranged DPS

Currently we are still gearing and shaping our main roster. Now is the time to join and gear up with us!

All in all we are looking for quality people that have the desire to help create a guild that will be amazing in many different aspects. We don’t care what your current gear score is, or how long you have been away from the game. We want to find solid people that are confident and that can add to an already great community.

If this sounds like this is what you are looking for, please contact us!


Website: www.dissentstormrage.com

Hysterics - GM
Battle.net: Bryan#11785
Skype: xfuriousx@outlook.com (Best in the Day)

Gavzilla - Officer
Battle.net: ArchonGabe#1175

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