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Never had this much success with non-murloc agro paladin

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Very nice. Paladin got some significant boosts to it's aggro arsenal. The hand buffing turns mediocre cards into killers. Finally I get to use my two golden Angry Chicken outside of a very gimmicky Priest archetype. 

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Angry Chicken is a playable card now?! PogChamp =)
Yeah I made a "Buffadin" deck. I'm not really good with it. My mate climbed quite fast with it though. 

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6 hours ago, Shine said:

ooh I didnt even think of the chicken. gonna have to put it in.

Angry Chicken was my first ever golden card and I've been waiting to viably use him ever since. Granted he still isn't the most reliable minion but if you can buff him early he can do some pretty decent damage if left unanswered. That and I love getting the "Wow" emote after I summon him. 

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