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[H] <Invictum> @Tarren Mill - Recruiting for ToV Mythic!

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<Invictum> [7/7M, 3/3HC]
Is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild with focus on high pace Mythic progression.
The guild was founded in September 2016.

We are always recruiting exceptional and dedicated players and we will always consider a great application!
At the moment we're mostly in need of:
Holy Paladin
Balance Druid

We're aiming for top server ranks in The Nighthold and further, with only having to raid 3 days a week.
Hardcore minded but with a healthy raiding schedule!

*Raiding schedule*
We need everyone in the team to be prepared to extend raids sometimes during progression. If we're getting close to killing a boss we will most likely extend the raid with 30-60 minutes!

Wednesdays, 18:45-23:00 Server time.
Sundays, 18:45-23:00 Server time.
Mondays, 18:45-23:00 Server time.

*What do we expect from you?*
* You need to be at least 20 years old (We could make an exception if you seem like a really good player, but we'll never accept someone under the age of 18).
* Your personality is really important! It's important that you have a mature way of mind and are able to take the game 100% serious when needed. But it's also important that you have a sense of humor, because the game is mainly about having fun.
* You need to able to take constructive critisism without getting sad/angry and by that losing focus. It's also important that you can accept the way the Loot Council sorts out the loot without complaining just because you didn't get something. The things we do or say is ALWAYS for the guilds best!
* We expect that you have experience from high level PvE content in WoW and knows what it takes to progress. That you show up to raids with the knowledge of the fights, bringing flasks, pots, food and stuff like that. And also that you do everything you can to maximize your character, including farming Artifact Power etc.
* We expect that you can attend the raids when you apply to us. Of course everyone has to miss a raid sometime but we can't have players with bad attendance in the core raiding team.
* We also expect you to have a microphone and headphones that makes you able to speak and listen in Discord. And of course you need to understand and be able to speak English.
* And you also need to accept that you might have to sit out during some progression fights if the raid leaders want's different players in for that fight.

*Contact & Applying*
You can apply at our website: www.invictumwow.enjin.com.

Guild Master - Wokow - BattleTag: Dugehick#2483
Council - Fréshtop - BattleTag: Jockek#2787
Council - Feltalor - BattleTag: Gundius#2129
Officer - Druídzor - BattleTag: Whinarn#2656
Officer - Snatsx - BattleTag: Snats#2673

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