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H Helya dps drop

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On 12/22/2016 at 1:42 PM, spikeysquad said:

Lots of great points. Meditate I had already told you that you need haste and not mastery for Demo. If people take the time to reply you really should actually try to take in what they are saying...




sorry for the late reply, dont let me start, i got my haste to 29.7% and with my food buff and what not i was still suffering. i just started stacking high ilvl gear again with higher stats and dps didnt change , whether it was high on haste or mastery 

today i downed Gualdan , man at 880 ilvl , flasked and you name it i maintained ~ 310k as a destruction lock


kept my immo on all the time , on boss and adds when possible, havoc every other cast when possible


i went back to the raid dummy  in the dreadscar rift ,  and same dps 


i checked again on my trait which are 37 now .... started thinking that maybe im missing spells which im not. i immo,conflag,ince. cb ,harvest,D.rift and still, my burst damage for the for the first 10 seconds is always top dps , like 550k but 10 to 15 seconds later the sh!t show starts.


no idea if im missing something, like maybe minor traits matter ,something i havent done 


edit: need to enchant my new neck and finger but still 


im srsly thinking leveling another dps toon to see if i can do better, i just leveled my tank and im 3/3 normal and 7/7 normal 1/7H.... thinking if i should drop lock and stick to tanking






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