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wow Illidan's Story Update & UH Death Knight Changes

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New quests related to Illidan's fate have been added and Unholy Death Knights are getting a small buff in the next PTR Build.

Illidan's Story Update

Patch 7.1 added new quests to Illidan's story. Players that have been collecting Lingering Soul Fragments to finish Soul Prism of the Illidari will be awarded item level 870 boots or belt.

The story continues with two new quests.

Both quests feature major spoilers related to Illidan's story, so proceed at own caution.


The Once and Future Lord of Shadows

Quest ObjectiveDefeat Helya in the Trials of Valor raid and then use the Soul Prism of the Illidari to claim Illidan's Soul.

Quest Description: While tracking the master's physical body proved challenging, we were able to locate it in the Nighthold of Suramar. Our intelligence reports that Gul'dan is making final preparations to the Nightwell in order to use its power to usher the soul of Sargeras into Illidan's body.

The only way to stop that from happening is to put Illidan's own immortal soul back.

Take the Soul Prism of the Illidari and venture to Helheim. Defeat Helya and use the prism on Illidan's soul! Return it to Light's Heart.

The Nighthold

Quest Objective: Deliver Light's Heart to Khadgar at the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.

Quest Description: Illidan's soul rests safely within Light's Heart. Take this vessel and deliver it to Khadgar with the following instructions:

When Gul'dan attempts to tear the sky asunder and bring the dark titan into our world, call forth the power of this vessel and release Illidan's soul into his body.

Go now, <name>. We do not have much time. The dark ritual will begin soon.

Unholy Death Knights

A small buff is coming to Unholy Death Knights in a future PTR build. The newest build should also feature a major rework of many Legendary items.

Blizzard LogoSigma

Quick note on a small upcoming change: in the next PTR build, ApocalypseApocalypse will burst up to 6 Festering WoundFestering Wounds (instead of 8). However, the damage of the summoned ghouls will be increased by 33% (which will not be obvious from data), keeping the total the same. This is also a large buff to the damage of Army of the DeadArmy of the Dead. Finally, in a separate change, the damage of the Summon Gargoylesummmoned Gargoyle and Val'kyr (Dark ArbiterDark Arbiter) will be increased.

However, will ApocalypseApocalypse continue to burst 4 wounds in pvp?



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Think I see where the story is headed now... could be interesting. 

Haven't knocked out my last 10 soul fragments yet - anyone know if the 870 rewards can wf\tf?

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1 hour ago, MrEdren said:

anyone know if the 870 rewards can wf\tf?

I doubt it, since they are quest rewards.

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Prob right. I was thinking it could because Purified Vision did, but I suppose that was just blue->purple

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Yes, it can WF/TF. I handed in the quest and chose the plate boots, they Warforged to 880 with the base ilvl being 870.

Edited by Synco
To show how much it WF

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On 12/14/2016 at 9:33 PM, MrEdren said:

Prob right. I was thinking it could because Purified Vision did, but I suppose that was just blue->purple

Tagging you to check comment above. Looks like I was wrong!

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