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[Burning Blade][H]<Norma Duos>(10/10H) Lf healer and dps

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Hello and thanks for your interest in our guild!!

What We Are

•We are a Horde pve raiding guild on Burning Blade, Lightnings Blade and Onyxia.
•We are about team work, most of our raiders are laid back and we work together to overcome any obstacle.  Whether it is looking at logs after or suggesting something different during a fight, we are a team. 
•We consider our guild to be a semi hardcore guild. What this means to us is that we don’t have as much time to raid as we like but still expect to get things done in that limited time. That being said we do understand if you cannot make an occasional raid night because of something in real life, though we expect to know before raid day so we can find subs.
•We want to maximize our progression while having a good time.

Raid Times

•Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday starting at 8:30 pm EST and ending at 12:30 AM

What We Are Looking For

•Currently we are in need of melee/ranged dps and a healer to fill out our core raid group to push into mythics.
• Have a 880+ ilvl
•We want raiders who know their class and spec
•We expect raiders to know the fights before raid times because we will not have the time to explain every fight
•We want mature players that have the drive to not give up.

Where We Are Now
•We are currently 7/7N 7/7H EN, 3/3N 3/3H TOV,  10/10N 10/10H NH


•The plan is to progress into mythic raids


The gm and raid leader have been raiding together and leading raids since BC. We were part of the a guild on laughing skull that had 2 raid groups during bc. We were part of the second group and quickly passed the first groups progress. The first group didn't like this and tried taking our players for their group. We left and started Norma Duos, which roughly translates to group 2. The guild broke up after clearing everything in the beginning of Wrath and while waiting for new content. We started this guild up, out of nostalgia keeping that same name, near the end of Mists because we missed leading players into raids. We have back up for LEGION after a break at the end of WOD and are looking to down some bosses

If you have any questions or would like to join you can leave a message here or talk to the GM (Buttup#1544) or Raid Leader (shivuson#1233) in game. Thanks again!

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