[Wyrmrest Accord] [H] <Galactic Guard> (3/9 H) is recruiting!

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Galactic Guard is a band of raiders without guild borders. We defend our world from the Legion and all other foes every Tuesday and Thursday night, from 8-11pm server time, and use mumble. 

We will progress through heroic and eventually mythic at our own pace, and our only requirement is that members have good attendance and are respectful to one another -- you could even be a part of another guild and/or realm and still join us. 

If joining the Guard interests you, message [Sharp#12155] or Vyxxitish [Vunce#1880]

**We are 3/9 H ToS, and we want to get enough people to start running mythic!**

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next time please follow the guild recruitment rules for titles - [Realm][A/H] <Guild Name> (Progress) Info. This time I updated the title, but if you break the rule again (should you create another topic), we will hide the rule-breaking thread.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck recruiting,

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