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First things first...


I just reforged my gear using the RPPM gearing strategy with the Beta Optimizer option on from AskMrRobot. So after doing so I ran a quick HS to see if anything had changed much... Granted it was just a HS with just a couple of the party/raid buffs I could only manage maybe 110k. Being a ilvl 530 Destro lock i would assume i'd have been around the 130-160k mark.

So if you would, please look over my gear/gems/reforges and let me know if there is anything else that I should be changing.

Maybe the stat weights on AskMrRobot arent exactly correct? or maybe it was just because I dont have all the raid buffs yet?

Anyway let me know your thoughts... Any tips are appreciated.

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You've pretty much got it. Two things:

1. You have an unfortunate amount of crit gear, you probably know this.

2. Use hybrid gems in red slots to up your mastery. Fill prismatic slots with 320 mastery gems and move your belt 320 int gem to a red slot.

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So first things first, you need to transmog your Firestrike Cord Posted Image. The model is bugged and causes problems with the way your gear looks. If your cool with that then no worries hehe.

As far as reforges go it won't have a huge effect on your overall DPS whichever way you decide to go. Your reforges won't cover a 20-50k DPS gap that you seem to be worried about. That gap is covered by proper use of class/spec/fight mechanics. Give us some logs and we can comb through what you're doing during fights which might cause drops in DPS. If you haven't looked already, be sure to check out the Destro thread on these forumsPosted Image

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Yeah I've noticed the graphics bug and I'll probably be changing it lol...

I'll be raiding tonight in this new build and i'll make sure to post the logs from it. I'm pretty sure I'm using the normal rotation, however I'll leave that up to y'all to decide.

Thanks for the input

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