Cool Pet Ideas for the Pet Battle Bonus Event

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With Sign of the CritterSign of the Critter up, this week is ideal for leveling up your pets. If you're looking for cool pets here are some pets you can acquire.

The possibilities are endless. You can purchase pets directly from the shop with 50% discounts or from soloing old raids.

Soloing old content yields many rewards: nostalgia, gold, transmogs, achievements and pets! Older raids have been updated with various pets that drop throughout the instance. This week's Pet Battle Bonus event greatly increases the XP gain from Pet Battles, so if you're looking for opportunities to get some unique pets and don't mind revisiting old content consider:

Completing Raiding with LeashesRaiding with Leashes rewards Mr. BigglesworthMr. Bigglesworth. Of course the achievement won't be completed in a single week, but you will definitely see some pets drop. For this achievement, you will revisit four vanilla raids, like Ahn'Qiraj, Blackwing Lair, Molten Core and Naxxramas.


Blackwing Lair

Molten Core


The old Naxxramas was removed and to get these pets you need to visit the WotlK version of the raid (entrance is located in Dragonblight, Northrend).

Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement EditionRaiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition reward is Tito and various pets drop in Karazhan, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, home to Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Karazhan (Old Version - entrance is in Deadwing Pass through the main door)

Attumen the Huntsman will still drop Fiery Warhorse's ReinsFiery Warhorse's Reins.

Serpentshrine Caverns (entrance in Zangarmarsh, Outland)

Tempest Keep (entrance located in Netherstorm, Outland)

The raid should definitely be in your soloing routine, because of the Ashes of Al'arAshes of Al'ar mount.

Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin' From the Sunwell is the third achievement and completing it rewards a nice Naaru pet, K'ute. It involves Black Temple, Hyjal and Sunwell Plateau.

Black Temple (located in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland)

Hyjal (located in Caverns of Time)

Sunwell Plateau

Added in Patch 2.4 was the Isle of Quel'danas. The easiest way to get here is by taking a portal from Dalaran to Shattrath and then from Shattrath to the isle. Jump down the platform, turn right, cross the bridge and just follow the path.

Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King was added in Patch 7.1 and includes three Wrath raids: Icecrown Citadel, Trial of the Crusader and Ulduar. If you complete it, you will be mailed a Celestial InvitationCelestial Invitation and you have to defeat Algalon to get StardustStardust / Stardust.

Icecrown Citadel (located in Icecrown, Northrend)

Should be also on your weekly routine because of Invincible's ReinsInvincible's Reins.

Trial of the Crusader (located in northern Icecrown, Northrend)

Ulduar (located in Storm Peaks, Northrend)

Yoggie has a chance to drop Mimiron's HeadMimiron's Head.

If RNG isn't in your favor, you can still buy all of the pets in the Auction House if you want to complete the achievements sooner.

You may as well be interested in pets from Legion professions that are also tradable.

From World Quests, you can also get Falcosaur pets. More information can be found in our Falcosaur Mini-Guide.

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Please don't forget with Legion, the hidden World Boss "Kosumoth the Hungering" that drops the "Hungering Claw" pet and if possible the "Fathom Dweller" mount.

Why is Kosumoth considered to many to be hidden? The series of hidden orbs you have to collect across "The Broken Isles"

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On 12/23/2016 at 4:52 PM, DudeKatheon said:

Please don't forget with Legion, the hidden World Boss "Kosumoth the Hungering" that drops the "Hungering Claw" pet and if possible the "Fathom Dweller" mount.

Why is Kosumoth considered to many to be hidden? The series of hidden orbs you have to collect across "The Broken Isles"

I'd be pretty upset if I got the pet instead of the mount!

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