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Challenge Mode Recolors

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Does anyone know if the alternate colors for the challenge mode gear previewed in the beta will ever be implemented into the game? I would really like to see the purpley silver betrayers regalia, as it would look sick on affliction.

They don't have to add new challenges, or have it available for darkmoone tickets, because not having 9 golds and having a recolor of the set would be more absurd than the new $15 dollar helms. They could just add the recolors to the vendor that sells the original when you unlock your 9 golds and have them for the same price, greater price, or justice/honor.

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doesnt really seem like something they would do, but neither does that shaman only xmog set in SoO, so who knows. just hope harder.

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      I love mogging. To my knowledge, these are all original. I'm sharing cause I love finding cool mogs to spark my imagination and push the boundaries of what I've made. You'll notice I have favorite pieces of gear that I re-use in a number of these. As far as I know these are all blood elf death knight obtainable. I have completed almost every set you see here. I'm currently digging frost...

      I have one of every class so I'll eventually have a video up for them all. I won't be sharing what each piece is. You are of course welcome to remake them yourself, I've just found that discovering the pieces and trying to see which ones fit really help devolop mog sense. If that's what you're looking for, this video should be fun!
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      I'm looking for some xmog ideas to go with
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      Hey guys, so I was in my class hall the today and I saw a guy running past wearing these shoulders (Druid). I didn't get a chance to see what they were called but I insta-saved it to my dressing room. I've exhausted Atlas Loot and the leather shoulders section of this site.

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      Got a Tunic of the Grove Keeper from Cenarius on Monday and was pretty happy with it: looked like a classy shirt that went well with the shorts + boots look I had going. The first attached screenshot shows how it used to look; it still has that appearance in the WoW Armory site.
      Come patch day, I logged in to find that my Tunic of the Grove Keeper had its name changed to Grove Keeper's Robe and it looked... like a robe. You can see what it looks like in the second attached screenshot.
      I've been unable to find this change listed anywhere, even on the list of undocumented changes here on Icy Veins. Looking at the list of transmog options in the Collections tab in-game I'm unable to find any item with the old (shirt) model, meaning it may not even be obtainable anymore. I placed a ticket and Blizzard Support told me they're clueless about the issue and escalated it as a bug up to designers. Anyone else had this happen to them?