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[Uldum/Antonidas][A]<Amnesty> 7/7H, 3/3N

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**What Is Amnesty?**

Amnesty is designed from the ground up as a casual guild, but one with standards. We, however, seek to escape the flaws many other casual guilds suffer: under-performing raiders, people unwilling to improve, and drama. 

After being founded 8 weeks ago, we have proceeded to gear up multiple fresh 110's, to the point that our early NEN raids 7 weeks ago were half characters under 840. As of today, we have completed Heroic EN, and begin our work on TOV and the building of a team to tackle mythics when we get there. 

What is our Mythic Goal? We aim to do 1 night a week of casual mythic progression. If you're looking for hardcore Mythic raiding, this isn't the place for you. If you're looking for a fun, easygoing place to do some raiding, see mythic content, and do some mythic+ dungeons, we're your people.

**How will we do this?**

This guild is also a coaching guild. We will take on people other guilds won't give a chance. People looking to upgrade from LFR, people who've never raided before, or people with a chronic problem mechanically. We will work with these people to fix the problems that have been dogging them, and to turn them into productive, progressive raiders (if that's what they're interested in.) 

Otherwise, we simply seek to generate an environment where people get greeted when they log on. Where people can pop onto Discord at any time and have someone to say "Hi" to them. Where peoples opinions are respected, and listened to. We will accept no less. 

**What is the guild structure?**

We currently have 4 officers, healing officer, ranged dps officer, melee dps officer, and Tank officer. These are people who assist with decision making within the guild, provide guidance to players within the guild when I am not online, and help to organize events and such while I am offline.  


This is a friendly guild; I prefer to call this style of raiding Casual with Standards as its only 2 nights a week, but you better bring your A-game.

We will be going on Tuesday & Friday nights at 8 PM PST, and running until 11 PM PST. We've gone 7/7N, and 7/7H in 5 resets, with most of the guild being SUB 840 at the time of start; with many rerolls from other servers, and new characters in the roster. To attend Heroic, I don't have extensive expectations for performance, but my request is to be able to break 200k DPS on bosses. 

If you just wanna hit it and quit it, don't apply.

We have finished heroic, and want to go as far as our skill and recruitment can carry us. We are now putting together a  mythic capable team together to do it, but the minimum I will settle for is getting heroic EN, and if possible, HToV on farm before nighthold. If this does not align with your interests, I understand and wish you the best.

There will however, also be an optional coaching raid on saturdays from 8-11pm PST. You can't always FIND mythic raiders, but you sure as shit can MAKE mythic raiders. So we will be open to bringing people who may be a bit weaker mechanically or DPS wise, and giving them a chance to improve. 

**Few Notes:**

*Loot Rules:*

The guild will use a modified version of the Suicide Kings Method, also known as Personal Kings.

Loot will be on personal. 
Each person will be put in a list of 1-30 determined by die roll during first raid, (anyone joining after will go to the bottom of the list)
Each time someone receives loot they do not need, it will be put up for trade within the guild, and the person with the highest score who expresses interest in it will receive the item, and then move to the bottom of the list.

Your position does not change if you are not present for the raid.


I will be calling mechanics as necessary, providing explanations, and talking to people via whisper to help if any mechanics are being missed or there's any problems people can ask.


 Have 835, and we're good to go for normal. 850 and you're good to know for Heroic. Bring the player who can do the mechanics, not the gear is my motto.


I am not expecting flasks for normal, but if your DPS is below the threshold, I wont accept "I didn't have my flask on." I do expect food however, given it's pretty damn cheap to get food going. 
In Heroic, I will expect flasks, enchants, and food; and if we ever hit mythic, I'll expect the entire kit and caboodle. Top tier enchants, gems, flasks, foods, etc. But for now, if you can hit the 200k dps, we're good to roll. 


Let us say you are moderately interested in this, but aren't sold on it yet. No problem, send me a message, I'll get you an invite into the discord, and we can go from there. I want to ensure that this is a good fit for every party involved, and that we aren't just taking people because we need people. We want the right people.   

**Current Targets for Recruitment**

Current Needs: Ranged DPS. Warlocks.

Current "Would be Nice"s: 

Healers: Paladin, Priest

You can also add Stormblind#1485 on b.net for discussion or questions.
Discord info will be provided upon Join. 

Edited by Stormblind

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