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You're wasting a lot of damage with your opener. You want to use alternating pyro/Fireblasts for as long as possible during the Combust, not to generate the Hot Streak leading into it. I also noticed a lot of Living Bombs being used. Living Bomb is not a single target damage increase to use, or even 2 target, if you look at Ursoc(Dec 28th) where you had it doing 130k per cast, vs a Fireball doing an average of 143k. And while LB is instant cast, fireball isn't much longer of a cast than a GCD, and LB doesn't contribute towards a Hot Streak, where your real damage comes from. Also saw a lot of scorches being used, and since I'm looking through mainly Ursoc and Nythendra, both of which I know don't require that much movement that can't be done with a shimmer or within an Icy Floes fireball or two, I know that's causing a pretty big loss of damage.


Also you had a melee, while this probably didn't cause you any issues numerically, it's the principle of the matter, you're a mage, don't get your weapon dirty swinging it around like some warrior!

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I like to take LB for trash.  And what exactly do you mean wasting a lot of damage with my opener?  I rop, FB, PF, PYRO, FB, PYRO,FO,FB,PYRO,FB,PYRO.  What am I doing with exactly?   I only use scorch when i have to move and IF is on cd.  And the melee attack was probably accidental.  I got a video of my opener if it'll help you let me know what i'm doing wrong.  Thanks for the reply and any more advice would be awesome.



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