[Thrall][H]<DNA> 7/7M, 1/3M LF RDPS, Healer

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DNA is currently looking for 1-5 Ranged dps, a off-spec Healer, and possibly tank or off spec Tank more is fine if we find more than 5 applicants that are promising, though 5 is our 'limit'. All ranged dps of any spec or class is fine to apply we currently mainly need ranged, melee don't be discouraged to apply though we have melee with capable OS/alts. Anyone who can provide us with a OS of tank or healer is extremely encouraged to apply we need a solid back up tank and healer for our roster. We have a 22 spot roster currently. With that said, All spots for mythic are open for Nighthold for those who want to compete for the spots. We raid W/Th/Sun @ 9:30-12:30 server (6:30-9:30PST). Invites start 15min before the raid.

If you apply to us please be ready to come in anytime in this week, or the following we'll be trialing you in farm, and even possibly progression if we find you suitable, and further more going into Night Hold.

Our preferred classes go as: Lock>Ele (with Resto off spec)>Mage=Hunter=Spriest>Boomkin>Ele (with no OS). Than any other classes are equal.


http://dnaguild.enjin.com/ (to apply)

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