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[Proudmoore][A] <Not Dead Yet> (7/7N 3/7H) LFM to rebuild

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Not Dead Yet is recruiting for heroic progression. We are 7/7 N, 3/7 H, and eager to continue our forward march. We have had some changes in our raid lineup and so are rebuilding.

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11PM EST (5:30-8PM Server)

Current Recruiting Needs:

-          Non-shaman healers (2-3)

-          Non-warrior tank (1)

-          All dps classes


We are always open to exceptional players, so if our guild sounds like a fit to you, please don’t hesitate to apply even if your class/spec is not listed or is excluded. For disclosure, our current roster includes a protection warrior, restoration shaman, marksmanship hunter, enhancement shaman, retribution pally, and fire mage.

Why you should join us: We are fun! No really, our raiders are friends (some RL and some over the years in WoW), and that shines through in our groups. Love a good (bad?) Monty Python joke? Feel like having everything you say turned into questionable innuendo? Full of sarcastic commentary? We are the guild for you! We are a group of competent players and our raids are as much about being social and having fun as progressing through the content. Come for the lootz, stay for the people!


In addition to raiding, we do mythic+ and are always happy to help a guildie with whatever needs doing. There are plenty of mount/pet/toy/achievement collectors in our guild as well, if that is your bag. We are always happy to have friends and family join us solely for the social experience too!

What we expect

-          Compentency. You are expected to know your class, put in outside effort for gearing (mythic+/artifact leveling), and come prepared. You will be held accountable for these things.

-          Attendence. Sure, real life comes up, but we maintain a fairly casual raid schedule, so we expect people to be on time and ready to go so we can make the most of our raids.

-          Respect. We will not rage and call you names, and we expect the same from you. We WILL discuss mistakes openly and give and take constructive criticism, so please be able to handle that.

-          Sense of humor and fun! We like to avoid drama as much as possible. Being able to quote Lord of the Rings or Monty Python a bonus.


If you are interested in joining Not Dead Yet's crusade against the Burning Legion, or if you just want company while you fish all the new coins in the Dalaran fountain, please contact Ciarlyn (Svenne#1201) or Kyrelle (AcesHigh#1938) in game to join or to get more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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